Little Conversations (Thigh Gap)

Isaac: I love you

Me: I love you too

Isaac: And I love your thigh gap

Me: blank stare

Isaac: Is that a thing? A thigh gap?

Me: more blank stare

Isaac: It’s what all the younger girls are talking about these days

Me: Yes it’s a thing, no I don’t have one, and who are these younger girls you’re referring to?

**Edit: I’ve gotten a few worried people messaging me wondering if I am trying to achieve a thigh gap, or if my husband wants me to have a thigh gap. The answer is no and no!! This was a lighthearted, funny conversation between us and was meant as a joke. I do not have or want a thigh gap and my husband doesn’t want one for me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little Conversations (Thigh Gap)

  1. I’m athletic, I’m a runner and work out pretty regularly. I don’t consider myself overweight and I’m happy with my body… I do not have a thigh gap. This is just one more unrealistic beauty “standard” that women, in particular young women/girls, to try to live up to. It makes me really sad that women are so hard on themselves and forget that they are much more than just their physical attributes like their intelligence, character, kindness… I can go on but I hope anyone who sees this gets my message.

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