The Things I Can’t Control

Great perspective, moving, beautifully written. Had to share!

Tip of My Tongue

adithinkMy dog Adi has frequent seizures. I don’t know why, and I never will. I don’t think they’re doing her too much damage, and I know the medicine to prevent them would cut years off her life. When you’re talking about dogs, years are whole life stages.

The thing about Adi’s seizures is, they are one of the few things in my life that I have no control over. Some of you will laugh at my arrogance, but besides the obvious exceptions — a tragic illness; the too-late scream of red brake lights in the rain — I have things in my small life pretty much on lock. I don’t run the dryer when I’m out of the house, because I heard there’s a chance it could catch fire. I choose between a new top or dinner out, because I know I can’t afford both. These are the rules I…

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