Little Conversations (The Introverted Marriage)

Isaac: I had a long day, I’m exhausted

Me: Me too

Isaac: I’m going to go get in bed. Want to come up there and get in bed with me while I play video games? But we don’t talk to each other, we just lay there quietly and we just get to be together in the same room and lay next to each other because I love you so much and want to be with you…but we just lay there not really talking or saying anything? (all said in one big, long breath)


Yes. 1,000 times yes.

(why an introvert marrying an introvert is the best possible situation)

13 thoughts on “Little Conversations (The Introverted Marriage)

      • Totally the best! Love it here. Allergies are better for sure. Not perfect, but not as debilitating in MA. Hope you are feeling better after your allergic reaction from eating out the other night. So scary!

  1. Moments like that are what make a great relationship. Being together yet having your own space. Being able to spend time together but do different things. You’re not sucking each other’s energies, you’re enjoying life with a companion by your side.

    No needy necessary.

  2. Your husband really understands you. I totally want to do an introvert party where we all get together and sit around and watch TV and not say stuff to each other. That would be the best party.

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