Cat Clock Impressions and a Midnight Fashion Show

I bet the title of this post made you think WTF? It’s fitting, as my sleep walking and talking lately has also made me think WTF?

Two nights ago, I passed out on the couch while Isaac and I were watching The Daily Show. Not sure how I could fall asleep while one of the men on my Celebrity List ranted, raved, and laughed in the most perfect way ever, but it happened.

When Isaac shut the TV off and said it was time to go upstairs, I immediately sat up and had the genius idea in my sleeping state to pretend that I was a Kit Cat Clock. Do you remember those?


I started shifting my eyes from left to right while smiling really big, and then giggling because I was convinced that I probably looked exactly like the clock. Isaac was going to be super impressed with me. I kept doing the creepy smile/eye shifty thing even after Isaac put me in bed, giggling uncontrollably to myself every few seconds. My own laughing at my cat clock impersonation woke me up, actually.

I remember sitting on my bed and being jolted awake mid-laugh, and feeling slightly embarrassed when I realized what I had been doing for the past several minutes. I’m no doctor, but I feel like this is exactly what crazy people do. Like someone who needs to be committed. I could just sit in a padded room doing cat clock impressions and cracking myself up all day! At least for now I have the excuse that it is my sleeping brain that is doing these crazy things, it hasn’t bled over into my conscious mind yet.

I mean, it doesn't look terrible

I mean, it doesn’t look terrible

Last night there were no cat clock impressions, just several wardrobe changes. I woke up four different times in my closet and was either standing there without a shirt on or was in the process of ripping off my current shirt and putting on a new one. I went through four t-shirts in the span of a few hours. It was funny the first two times I woke up in my closet, but when I woke up a fourth time mid-change, I yelled “are you kidding me?!?!?!” at my dresser and begged my brain to let me stay in bed, keep my shirt on, and stop wadding up all my clean t-shirts and throwing them on the floor.

It must have worked because when I woke up this morning I looked down and was not only wearing a shirt, but was wearing a gray t-shirt, the last one I had changed into. Success!

5 thoughts on “Cat Clock Impressions and a Midnight Fashion Show

  1. Ok….the waking up not knowing why or that you are not sure if you will not stop waking/sleep walking … that sounds frustrating and not good.

    But the cat clock impression story … omg I could not stop giggling. (The funny thing is, as I read it I thought to myself….someone can actually smile really big and make their eyes shift side to side…and I TRIED IT! lol. Jaysus …see what kind of influence you are on people?)

    I do hope the sleeping thing calms for you though.

    • Yeah it’s definitely bizarre. Most nights when Isaac will sleep in his room and I’ll be kissing him goodnight, he’ll say “well, see ya soon” instead of “goodnight” hahaha…he knows that I’ll be running into his room sooner or later. He’s gotten quite good at predicting when it will happen. Sometimes he says he can just tell I’m in a weird mood and I’ll be running around all night! Thankful to be with someone who can find humor in it and not get angry at how often I wake him up in my sleep!

      I laughed out loud reading your comment- you tried it too!! hahahahha, it’s kinda fun, no? Glad I can make some other people out there look and feel a little crazy, too 🙂

  2. Wow… That all sounds like fun until you think about the horror, lack of REAL sleep, and what could possibly happen if you decided to pretend to be Julia Child in the middle of an episode…

    But at least your brain listened to you the last time!

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