Little Conversations (Get In Bed)

Isaac: Do you remember how demanding you were in your sleep last night?

Me: No, was I?

Isaac: Yeah, I came upstairs and you sat up and said “GET IN BED NOW” really angrily. It was so scary that I immediately got in bed.


14 thoughts on “Little Conversations (Get In Bed)

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  2. Dude, I say some weird stuff to A during my sleep. We’ve been watching LOST before before (I’ve never seen it before…sin!) and the other night I apparently told him how I’m getting my real life confused with the LOST characters. As in, I think I’m part of the cast. Ha. Nuts.

    • OH my gosh. That is sooo funny and sounds really upsetting, too!! I can imagine how frustrating it would be to have that dilemma in your sleep, haha!! Do you sleep talk a lot?

  3. Oh, great idea for a post. Here’s one I overheard yesterday while going to pay my car rego. Older Gentleman: I’m looking for the customer service centre.
    Car Park Attendant: Just follow the footpath.
    Older Gentleman: (laughs) Ah! Follow the yellow brick road!
    Car Park Attendant: No, the footpath.

    • hahahah that dang attendant, ruining all of his yellow brick road fun!! Someone needs to loosen up a bit 😀 Thanks for sharing, made me laugh!

    • You’re right!! He probably would have jumped out really quick. No telling what would have come next haha! Poor Isaac…I’m so scary in my sleep.

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