My Internet Is Getting Cocky

My experiences with the interweb this past week:

I was just doing my part as an American citizen and answering online census questions. It took 30 minutes out of my day, but I was happy to oblige, Uncle Sam. Also, the three warning letters to “TAKE YOUR CENSUS” scared me. And what do you do in return for my obedience? You mock my inability to walk on flat ground. You make fun of the fact that I can and do trip both up and down stairs. I get it, census gods. I’m clumsy. Way to rub it in.


Then an email from Finally, What, was I on the verge of spinster-status and THANK GOD I tricked someone into marrying me before it was “too late”? Finally. Hmph.


And then there was Facebook. Freakin Facebook, man. I have not even been married a month and Facebook has decided that it’s time to put my near-spinster eggs to use. Thanks for the not-so-subtle ad placement, guys.


Thank God one good thing came out of the internet this week, and that is this picture of my nephew on an Easter egg hunt. Makes the mean, pushy, creepy advertising things the internet did to me all worth it 🙂


12 thoughts on “My Internet Is Getting Cocky

  1. An electronic ovulation calendar gets sent to you? Wow! Soooo I am now thinking perhaps being older DOES have it’s perks lol.

    By the way, the nephew looks sooooooo excited!

  2. This made me laugh–I work for a company where most of the employees are of a particular background that marries young. I’m 24, single, and considered near-spinster by my co-workers, most of whom were married and making babies by 20. It’s so odd because, before working here, everyone I knew saw marriage and kids in the late-20s to early-30s as ideal. Congratulations on FINALLY getting married, lol. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh near-spinster at 24!??! hahah yikes!!!! I hope that doesn’t make you feel like your clock is ticking and you’re getting to the “too late” point!. It’s funny though because people always feel the need to tell you “you’re too young to get married, enjoy life, blah blah blah” and then it’s like BAM one day people are saying “ummmm you need to find someone and start having kids, you’re running out of time.” It’s like…oh okay so now because everyone says it’s a good time, then my knight in shining armor will appear? So ridiculous. Everyone has his or her own time!

      I can’t imagine being married with kids at 20 though, I’ve changed SO much since then. Enjoying these kid free years! 😀 And thank you for the congrats haha, FINALLY locked it down.

      • It’s certainly an interesting environment, to say the least lol. I’m enjoy the angst-ridden confusion of youth–no time for love and babies. I’m not too concerned about “too late”…I’m more concerned with finding the “right one”. If I miss the crying banshee bandwagon, I think I’ll live…to dive into the insanity, er beautiful gift, of children with just anyone doesn’t sound like a solid plan. It is crazy–one day “You have all the time in the world, honey. Don’t rush love.” and the next, “You should probably think about dating seriously and settling down.” Sheesh. Kudos to those who make it work, but even considering marriage and kids before I’ve reached ALL my age milestones (the final being car rental at 25) is not gonna happen. Cheers to the kid-free years! 🙂

  3. Everyone I know that’s gotten married recently has talked about those ovulation calendars on Facebook but I haven’t gotten it yet! Does this mean the internet thinks I’m not capable of having children?!?! HAHAHA.

    • hahahah oh boy!!! What are your ads for?? It’s so bizarre how they really do cater to the information you put up. A few weeks ago someone I know posted a status update that said something like “bought a new house today!” and facebook prompted me to buy them a gift to congratulate them. Ummm, what?!?!? I get facebook being telling me to buy someone a gift when its a birthday, but from just a status update it was saying that. That freaked me out.

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