The Other Courtney, Bath, Sisters

Dear Creeper,
Ooops this isn’t what you were looking for, was it?? You see, there’s a little function on WordPress where I can see the search terms people are using on Google to get to my blog. Every single day for three weeks now, you have been searching for “the other Courtney, sisters in bath photo” and about 20 other variations of that sentence. It was taking you to a post I made a long time ago about my amazing sisters, and happened to include a picture of us four in the bath (no nudity only our heads popping out). That post is now private because of you, psycho.

At first I thought it was my brother in law doing the searching, he was making a wedding slideshow with some of my kid pictures. But our wedding was almost a week ago and the frantic searches continue. In fact, since I blocked the post, the searches have become even more desperate sounding and lengthy. “Photo challenge, sisters bath, the other Courtney, sisters photo, photo.”

At this point I’m not sure who you are, but please know there are easy ways for me to find out. Everything online is traceable, and WordPress makes it even easier to trace the pieces of shit like yourself. I can’t think of any other reason a person would search for that photo multiple times a day other than perverted ones, so please discontinue and go jump off a bridge.

The Other Courtney (the scary don’t-mess-with-me-or-my-sisters Courtney)

36 thoughts on “The Other Courtney, Bath, Sisters

  1. I love going through the search terms, they crack me up every time. It’s funny that after you blocked the post, the searches have become more desperate and lengthy 🙂

  2. I, too, love the creative way that you have addressed this. And now I am off to check the privacy settings on my phone and various online accounts.

  3. Ok…that is creepy. I have looked before at the listing of who has clicked on my wordpress link as well as what the search terms (omg I cannot believe some of them). You can sort of tell if it’s the first few clicks as they might match up. But you are right, there are other ways to find out … I can’t believe people don’t know that these days.

    I have been careful about privacy online … but have let it slip a bit … after reading this blog post I am once again thinking I need to be a bit more vigilant. *sighs* … I hate that sometimes it has to be this way.

    • haha I know some of the search terms are outrageous!! I LOVE reading through them, most of the time haha.

      Your are right, it’s hard to remember sometimes how gross people can be with your info you share. I probably need to be more private about certain things, so this was a good reminder. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Yes, being a blogger and seeing what people search for is sometimes pretty disgusting. If someone searched like that repeatedly for the same thing, I would be highly disturbed as well. Great post giving him a piece of your mind. But he doesn’t deserved it.

    • Yep- if it had been just a few times I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it. But three weeks of incessant searching? Not okay. I’m so glad WordPress allows us to see search terms so we can make certain posts private if need be.

  5. OMG!! Court that is so gross!!! I hope you can figure out who the nasty creeper is and block them!! Ehh some people are so disgusting!!

    • I’m definitely going to figure it out!! Yeah it’s a sad reminder of how careful we need to be with putting our info online. I hate how it has to be that way.

  6. Creepy, indeed, and you’re right to protect yourselves from such fringe people. I also want to add here that I just discovered that photos taken with cell phones are often embedded with the location of that pic, so something to think about.

    Why not report this loser to Word Press now?

  7. Oh hell no!!! When you find out who this disgusting pervert is you let me know and seeing how my husband is trained to kill people with one finger, we will go and take care of things…

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