Quick and Dirty Updates

This past week has been crazy busy so I haven’t had much time for new posts. In fact, I’m pretty sure the next month will be fairly quiet on The Other Courtney. The wedding is just 17 days away and then I’ll be in Hawaii for 10 days, so hopefully I’ll be FAR too busy to sit in front of a computer screen šŸ™‚

Here’s what has been happening in the past week!

Bachelorette weekend-Ā I’m not much of a drinker or crazy partier, so the thought of a typical bachelorette bar crawl weekend makes me cringe. I’m more of a sit in a cabin with friends and play games, watch movies, and eat a ton type of girl.Ā And that is exactly what my amazing friends/family gave me!

photo 4


My youngest sister and I. We missed you other sisters!!

Back porch view

Back porch view

This is the little piece of heaven that we stayed in over the weekend and it could not have been more perfect. On Saturday night we had some libations in the hot tub while it was snowing. It was heaven.

I would have more pictures to share, but unfortunately I left close to $4,000 worth of camera equipment sitting on my bed in the cabin. Thankfully, I have been in contact with the cabin’s housekeeper and she has already shipped my precious camera gear to me! SO thankful for her.

Bridal shower- On Sunday when we got home from the mountains, it was time for my bridal shower! Again, it could not have been better (unless all of my sisters were able to attend, DANG YOU distance!). It was also exciting because I put makeup on for the first time in 2 months and my face didn’t fall off!! I was pretty scared to put anything on my face after the vitamin E incident, but I had no issues whatsoever.

photo 3

photo 2



Never normal

Again, not many pictures to share yet. Dang camera.

Marriage license-Ā This morning Isaac and I went to get our marriage license! I got really awkward during the sworn marriageĀ statementĀ (I had no idea you had to raise your right hand and all that fancy junk) and managed to make the stone-faced government employee crack up. I’m pretty sure my face looked something like this:


But we got it, YAY! We are officially licensed to wed. Also, there is reason to celebrateĀ becauseĀ after exiting the governmentĀ building, I realized I had been carrying one of my big ‘ol knives in my purse the whole time. That could have been bad had the police officer decided to search my bag. Whoops.


Hypnotism-Ā I have been continuing my hypnosis sessions with Virginia, Isaac’s mom, and I am really loving them. We get together once a week and she hypnotizes me for about 30 minutes. Every day I also listen to a 15-minute self-hypnosis CD thatĀ VirginiaĀ made. The hypnosis sessions are starting to become kind of addicting. I find myself thinking about them during the day, longing to get back into the hypnotized state of mind. With each session we do, I can feel the hypnotic trance growing stronger. Last night’s session was especially interesting because after she brought me out of hypnosis, I had almost complete amnesia. All I could remember from the entire session were the first 10 minutes and the last few minutes, when she was counting me out of they hypnosis. It was pretty trippy, but also really exciting. These sessions have made me feel so relaxed and I have found that stressful things simply aren’t getting under my skin like they used to.

I am officially hooked on hypnotherapy and am really interested in learning more about it.

Skin-Ā face is looking GREAT!! I could not be happier. I no longer want to burst into tears when I look in the mirror. I think quitting my birth control has been a huge help (it hadĀ vitaminĀ E in it PLUS the estrogen/progesterone which can worsen eczema). My dermatologistĀ actuallyĀ thinks I may have something called Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis which is caused from birth control. Hence the constant rashes that would not go away. So now I’m just praying a spiteful Tamara doesn’t return! So far so good.

Office decoration-Ā I got this to hang in my office and I’m obsessed. I think the students will appreciate it šŸ™‚ I ordered it from mintsparrow.com, a company started by a girl I went to college with. Check out her site!


Because DMX lyrics were made for cross stitch samplers.

18 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Updates

  1. Great post. Great to know that your skin is better for the impending nuptials. You made me miss that time in my life with my husband a little. Awesome looking bachelorette cabin & bridal shower. But the sampler is by far the best. Next time I have some extra money, I will have to order one of those!

  2. The cabin looks awesome! That sounds much more like my idea of fun than going to clubs or bars or any other typical/common bachelorette nights. You must be so excited about the wedding, especially now that it’s so close AND your skin is clear and beautiful!

    • Thanks, girl!! 16 days now eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekk

      And yeah the cabin was amazing. All of us were thinking “why don’t we do this more often? Why do we wait to do things like this for a special occasion?” I think weekends away will be happening more often now.

      Also from an allergy standpoint? Cabin could not have been better. It has NEVER had animals in it, sheets were amazing, everything felt so clean and updated. That may have been the best part of it all. You and I know how stressful traveling can be with allergies.

      • Oh yeah, I know for sure. Any place with a kitchen is 10x better than anything else, in my opinion. My hunny and I stayed at a cabin up in Wisconsin last summer and LOVED. IT. We’re def doing it again. And it’s so much cheaper to bring food with and cook it there! Can’t beat that.

        • YES!! For our Honeymoon we got a hotel in Hawaii with a HUGE fully stocked kitchen. I am going to be in heaven!! Funny how honeymoon priorities change when an allergy girl is involved. We needed somewhere where English was the native language, food packaging laws are same as US, and I could have access to normal grocery stores and a kitchen. Thank God for Hawaii, it will still feel like we are out of the country and in paradise!

  3. You sound EXTREMELY excited and happy. Yahhhhh!

    It does sound like you have been on a whirlwind of activities…and MORE to come wooohoooo. Where in Hawaii are you going? Nope nope…nevermind. Just post pictures when you return.

    By the way….love the tiara lol

    • I am both, you are correct! šŸ™‚

      We are going to Maui, have you ever been?? I’ve never been to Hawaii so I’m really excited. I am a wee bit afraid of flying so I’m going to start practicing some hypnosis techniques for flying, hopefully it helps!

      • I have never been to Maui…but in December my daughter and I went to both Honolulu (on Oahu)…and to the Big Island. It was fun šŸ˜›

        You will have suuuchhhh a good time too!

        • Oahu looks amazing from everything I’ve been reading- how fun that you got to go with your daughter!! Glad you guys had fun. I’m sure there will be pictures to post when I return! šŸ™‚

  4. So excited for you as your wedding approaches!!! Your shower and retreat look AWESOME (I love all the colorful-ness of the shower decorations) and you look radiant! I’m so glad your skin is feeling and looking better after the vitamin E incident…. and you are going to look stunning at your wedding!

    • Thank you!!! The retreat and shower were both amazing, it felt so good to be surrounded by loved ones for three days straight. Thanks for the encouragement and support!

  5. Loved this blog, as usual, Courtney. It made me laugh on this very gray Seattle day of teaching. What a wonderful cabin retreat. Congrats on the official marriage license and glad you weren’t escorted away as a knife-wielding terrorist!

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    From: The Other Courtney Reply-To: The Other Courtney Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2:37 PM To: Brenda Peterson Subject: [New post] Quick and Dirty Updates

    WordPress.com Courtney posted: “This past week has been crazy busy so I haven’t had much time for new posts. In fact, I’m pretty sure the next month will be fairly quiet on The Other Courtney. The wedding is just 17 days away and then I’ll be in Hawaii for 10 days, so hopefully I’ll be “

    • Thanks Behba! I am also glad that I didn’t get caught with the knife, haha! The city jail is right across the street from the building we were in, so I guess it would have been a short walk to confinement šŸ™‚

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