I’m Not Sleepwalking

In the past few months, my sleepwalking has been almost non-existent! I have no idea why. I seem to go through phases where I’ll sleepwalk every night for weeks, and then suddenly stop for a certain period of time.

A few nights ago, I broke my “stay in bed and sleep like a normal human being” streak. As told to me by Isaac, I knocked on his door at about 2 am. He said he immediately knew I was sleeping because I never knock on his door. I walked into his room and said “I know you think I’m sleepwalking right now, but I’m not. I’m awake, okay??”

So now I guess I’ve mastered the art of sleep lying too. Sneaky sneaky girl…

Isaac said “okay.”

I proceeded to tell him, “I just finished listening to the hypnosis CD your mom gave me. You can tell her I’m not going to charge her for this session.”

Isaac started laughing and said “Ohhh so she is paying you for the hypnosis sessions?? You’re charging her to hypnotize you?”

I confirmed that this was the arrangement. Again, I assured him that she didn’t have to pay me for the most recent 2 am session, that one was a freebie I guess.

Isaac reminded me of this sleepwalking episode tonight after his mom left our house and it had me rolling in laughter. I would love to know more details about the dream I was having, if only there were some way to remember. Why was I charging his mom to hypnotize me? Maybe I should try to charge my dentist to work on my teeth, my mechanic to fix my car, and restaurants to cook for me. Apparently my sleeping brain thinks that people doing kind and helpful services for me ought to pay for it.

This evening, Isaac’s mom and I had an actual hypnosis session (which was awesome by the way) and I did not even charge her a dime. I’m just so selfless.

16 thoughts on “I’m Not Sleepwalking

  1. Wow….I have heard of sleep walking .. and people talking as well…but that is the most I have heard of it to that level. At least you are keeping a fun attitude towards it.

    It has not been a problem otherwise though? It’s something I know nothing about.

    • Yep it’s been a part of my life since I was a very small child!! That’s actually why I started this blog to document my sleepwalking adventures. My therapist felt the more I wrote about them, the less they would happen. He was actually right!! But there was a period of about 3 months where I would sleepwalk and sleeptalk every single night, sometimes getting out of bed 5 or 6 times. THAT was annoying because I always felt exhausted the next day. Now it happens a lot less and I usually just think it’s funny when I wake up and Isaac tells me what I did if I don’t remember it all. Like I’ve told the people above, there are a bunch of sleepwalking adventure stories in the “sleep stories” category on the right side of my blog if you’re interested! Always an adventure in my house haha.

    • Ohh yeah we have been having conversations when I’m sleeping for over 5 years!! If you click on the “sleep stories” category on the right side of my blog, you can see some of the ridiculousness that has happened hah! I’ve been sleepwalking since I was in 2nd grade and so far (knock on wood) I’ve never gotten hurt, thank God!! The closest I came to getting hurt was when I woke up once in the bathroom with my epi-pen in my hand! I was dreaming that I was having an allergic reaction. SO happy I woke up before I stabbed myself because that would have SUCKED haha. Would have gone to the ER for no reason.

      • OMG about the epipen! WOW. I knew someone who died bc she was a sleepwalker. She was in high school and it was terribly sad….

        I’m definitely going to have to check out your funny stories!

          • She wasn’t one of my close friends or anything, but she was my best friend’s sister’s best friend (did you get that? lol). Sadly enough, she was staying in a hotel and sleep-walked out the window….. TRAGIC. I think it happened right before her prom too, if I remember correctly.

    • hahah glad you enjoyed it- WHAT in the world goes on in my brain?! Hopefully I can crank out more sleeping stories for you soon! It’s so funny, some nights when I’m extra crazy and Isaac just has a feeling I’m going to sleepwalk, he’ll kiss me goodnight in my room and say “see ya soon” hahah and he’s normally always right. Poor guy.

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