My Favorite Formaldehyde Sweater

A few months ago, my mom told me about a new laundry detergent that she had discovered called Molly’s Suds. It was “all natural with no harmful chemicals” she excitedly told me. The words “all natural” make me very cautious these days. I have discovered that when a cleaning product calls  itself “all natural” it often means the following:

  1. It smells like wet dog
  2. It doesn’t actually clean, it just smears the dirt around
  3. It still has several chemicals in it (not sure how they can still call it “all natural”?)
  4. It contains so many actual natural ingredients (I don’t need 15 different types of plants in my laundry soap, thank you very much) that it actually makes my skin break out/itch more than a bath in red dye #40 would! 

I told my mom that I would give her new discovery a try, after all my Arm & Hammer Free and Clear bottle was nearly empty. Also, the statistic that 95% of laundry detergent contains formaldehyde kind of freaked me out. My initial reaction? Cute packaging, but lets see the ingredients list. 

 I flipped the bag over and was shocked to read the following: sodium carbonate from the Green River Basin in Wyoming, sodium bicarbonate, epsom salt, sea salt, and a minimal amount of organic peppermint essential oil.

For once, the ingredients were truly all natural. The real test would be how this detergent would wash my clothes and whether or not it would flare up my eczema. 

Let me tell you, this laundry soap has passed “the restaurant test” and “the eczema test” with flying colors! When I get home from a waitressing shift I smell like an overwhelming combination of hickory wood and crab cakes  The restaurant I work at is constantly running an open-flame grill which leaves my hair, body, and clothes completely saturated with smoke at the end of the night. After one wash using a very minimal amount of Molly’s Suds, my restaurant clothes did not smell at all. In fact, they smelt fresh and felt soft, with no fabric softener added. I was suddenly a believer. 

After wearing my clothes that had been washed in Molly’s Suds for a few days, I realized how non-scratchy they felt and how much more soothing they were on my skin than my ones washed in Arm & Hammer. I immediately dumped my entire closet into the washing machine to rinse everything I owned in Molly’s Suds. 

The best part about Molly’s Suds? It lasts an insanely long time! I wash my clothes so much that I was buying a family sized jug of Arm & Hammer every 2 weeks! So far I have been using this same bag of Molly’s Suds for over a month. 

I am excited to have been introduced to a product that is good for my skin, my clothes, and the environment. It has been a struggle since I was a baby to find a detergent that would really clean my clothes and not cause breakouts. Molly’s Suds also sells a detergent specifically for athletic clothes and a non-toxic, flea-killing dog wash! 

My mom is so passionate about effective, chemical-free products that she recently started working for the woman who created Molly’s suds! If you are interested in giving it a try, shoot her an email. She would love to answer any questions you may have about why other detergents are harmful for you and the environment, and why you should try Molly’s. Or don’t, maybe formaldehyde in your clothes is your thing 😉

If you do place an order through my mom, you’ll get a 10% discount.  You can reach her at 

Check out the Molly’s Suds website to read more about the different products offered! 

28 thoughts on “My Favorite Formaldehyde Sweater

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  3. I’m so excited you are on the Molly train! I’m STILL using the same bag and I’ve had it for probably 3-4 months (family of 3)!!! I’m going to also buy the liquid Molly Suds for sports because my husband works out a lot and his clothes are starting to get that musky smell even after washing. Molly says that that smell is actually bacteria from the sweat (ewwww), but that she has a product proven to work! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    • Awesome! Once I start hitting the gym again ill be able to really test out the athletic wash haha….

      And one bag for 4 months, that’s amazing. Soo much cheaper than buying the regular detergent bottles.

  4. It leaves no residue whatsoever, it is amazing! I was totally skeptical, but I couldn’t be happier with it! I was really surprised at how clean my clothes felt and smelt, too.

    • Yes you can, no problem! I actually have one and it works great. You are supposed to dump the detergent right in the washer, not in the laundry cup that some washers have. I think there is more info about it in the website.

      • Yeah, I saw that. Hm… my boyfriend is a weirdo and totally OCD about the washing machine LOL. I wonder if he’d allow for this! It doesn’t leave any residue on your clothes? This sounds amazing.

          • Glad to hear you still love it! LOL. I’m nervous about it because it’s expensive (for detergent anyway), but I think it’ll be worth it. Does it leave any gross residue on your clothes or anything? Arm & Hammer Fragrance Free (or maybe another brand IDK), used to leave a white film on my clothes. And yep, she did get back to me and can still do it!

            • Nope, no film on the clothes! I put it in the bottom of the machine then load all my clothes on top. If you end up not liking it let me know and ill PayPal you some money and you can send it to me! That way you don’t lose your money, and I know ill use it! 🙂

              • Oh cool, thanks! I can’t remember, do you have a HE washer/dryer? Can you put it directly in the powder detergent tray thingamajig?LOL

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