The Gift of 10 Years

Today I am remembering all of the lives lost 11 years ago in the September 11th terrorist attacks. As I have recently learned, one of the hardest parts about losing a loved one is the time that goes by. Time does help heal the pain, but it also hurts in a different way when you realize that years are passing by and life is still going on. Life has to move on without that person, and it doesn’t seem fair. 

Today, I grieve for those who have had to live 11 years without their loved ones. I am reposting the 10 year anniversary post I wrote last year. I am so thankful for another year on this earth with my father!

The Other Courtney

Ten years ago I was a freshman in high school, sitting in my first period cooking class in Fairfax, VA. My teacher turned on the television at about 9:30 am so we could see the news, she had heard that a bomb went off in the Pentagon. A few minutes after turning on the television, we realized it was not a bomb, but a terrorist attack in the form of an airplane.

I stared at the TV screen speechless, not believing what I was seeing. My teacher broke the deafening silence in the classroom, “Courtney, your sister is here to get you.” I looked at the classroom door and saw my older sister, Charlotte, with tears in her eyes. I quickly packed up my books and asked Charlotte what was going on. Our dad worked in the Pentagon and nobody had heard from him yet. Mom said to grab me…

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