Music to My Ears

I don’t consider myself to be a terribly materialistic person. I love my DSLR camera, macbook, and other random gadgets, but I could do without them. Something I can’t do without? Music. 

As early as I can remember, music has played a huge part in my life. From cassette tapes  to CD players and eventually iPods, music has helped me get through some of the best and worst times. The most memorable events in my life are soundtracked, and listening to those songs instantly brings me back. They serve as a mental scrapbook, one that will never fade or disappear under a stack of old yearbooks. 

I miss this beast! My first iPod.

I love how a song can brighten your mood or bring you to tears. When lyrics feel like they were stolen from your heart and are sung back to you, it brings an indescribable feeling of comfort and release. 

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I actually have 3 iPod’s if you include my iPhone. I can’t help it! I need music everywhere I go. How is one supposed to get through a breakup without Sara Evans or Keri Noble? Did I listen to “You Belong With Me on repeat while crushing on a boy who had a girlfriend, pretending I was singing it to his face? Sure did! When that boy I was crushing on decided to give us a try because he maybe kinda sorta had feelings for me too, I listened to “Best Days” every single day on my way to work. On my way to see him. The night I fell in love with him was soundtracked by Tiny Dancer. I can’t wait to see what song will soundtrack our wedding day in 6 months. 

I can’t workout without Akon or Kanye West (both are terrible, I know) and I can’t go on a road trip without Maroon 5 or Kings of Leon. Getting ready for work in the morning usually has to involve the group Fun. Drives through the country on a beautiful day need Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.

The day my sister had her first child I listened to “Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder with tears in my eyes. When my sweet cousin passed away, I listened to “Homesick“, also with tears in my eyes. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers got me through high school. Dixie Chicks helped move me into college, and Jack Johnson comforted me when I was missing my friends and family back home. 

My childhood has theme songs, too. The Monkees, Amy Grant, The Carpenters, NSync, Backstreet Boys, George Winston, and Desntiny’s Child all bring me back to the basement of my home in Virginia. My three sisters and I would spend hours rehearsing dance routines and loved presenting them to our proud parents. They would video tape us and hide their chuckles behind the gigantic VHS video recorder. 

Remember these things?

So there it is. If my house were on fire and I could only grab one possession, it would probably be my iPod. Clothes, computers, and jewelry can all be replaced but 10 years worth of saved music is priceless in my mind. Let’s face it, I’m not about to spend money on an old Britney Spears album, but when my iPod is on shuffle and “Hit Me Baby One More Time” comes on, I will sing it as loud as possible and it will make my day. 

Loving my iPod isn’t just about loving the songs it contains or its sleek and sexy shape (it is sexy), it is about having a little device that can bring a distant memory back to life and make hard times not so helpless feeling. Someone else has been exactly where you are and wrote a song to prove it. If all else fails, just listen to a country song and realize that it could always be worse. 

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