As it is my nephew’s first birthday tomorrow, I wanted to share the letter that I wrote to my sister and brother-in-law last year before he was born! Liam has been such a blessing to our family. Congrats Char and Alex on surviving your first year as parents, and making it look easy!

The Other Courtney

Welcome to your last day of being just a husband and wife. Tomorrow, you will have far more important titles: Mom and Dad.

Tonight is the last night you will go to sleep and stay asleep for more than 3 hours at a time.  After today, deciding to spend an entire Saturday sitting on the couch watching Dexter or Modern Family just won’t be realistic. This is the last day that you can wear a shirt for 30 minutes before it is painted with human throw up, feces, and other bodily fluids. After today, your kitchen floor will remain permanently crumb-filled and you won’t have the energy to clean it. Where a six-pack of beer sat in the fridge will now rest a stockpile of saved breast milk.

After today, your perspective will change. “Liam is coloring on the new sofa with permanent marker? Is he doing it quietly? Then…

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