Missing the Burn

It has been a little over a month since I became pregnant with my hemorrhagic cyst. What a long month it has been! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still so thankful and relieved that it is nothing more serious than a hemorrhagic cyst, but it has still been an everyday challenge.

I have spent a month out of the gym and a month away from my second job as a waitress. Slowly but surely I have watched my bank account dwindle, my ab definition disappear, and my hips “fluff up.” I never would have imagined how hard it would be for me to stay away from the gym. 

Yesterday while driving one of my favorite workout songs came on the radio and I actually became emotional! While listening to the song I envisioned my entire workout, and I could feel my heart rate grow excited and speed up. I have heard the song hundreds of times and knew exactly where the lunges should end and the pushups begin. Phew, at least I will be able to slip back into a weights class and not be completely lost. 

I miss my daily workouts and the endorphins that came with them. I miss looking in the mirror after an intense workout at my dark red, splotchy, sweat covered face and feeling more beautiful than ever.

I know that in a few months I will be allowed to workout again, but the wait is killing me!! My gym shorts are currently “staring” at me from their lonely closet shelf, the poor things just don’t understand.

If nothing else, this break from the gym has been an incredible motivator. I know that when I am cleared to get back under a barbell or on a treadmill, I will give it everything I’ve got.  I am going to makeup for these months of having to remain virtually motionless, and will not take my healthy body for granted.

I keep thinking of all the people who have lived their whole lives being active and adventurous and are suddenly paralyzed in a car accident or struck with a terminal disease. When there are so many people who cannot walk, run, swim, or lift weights, why should those of us who can take it for granted? We shouldn’t.  So get off the couch and go for a jog, walk the dog, or even play frisbee! Just be active.

2 thoughts on “Missing the Burn

  1. Good post! When I was training for my half marathon, I was looking for some motivational quotes online. The one that meant the most to me, and that I remembered while running the half, thus giving me goosebumps, was “Run for those that can’t.”

    It’s an amazing feeling to know you carry that amount of power in your legs, your heart, etc. 🙂

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