Response from Corporate Chipotle

It is with regret that I post this rejection letter from the Customer Service Department at Chipotle. While his answer was ultimately “no”, I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and detail he put into his response. To quote my friend Bridget, “It is so nice to know that large companies aren’t all run by robots!” Here is my original letter to Chipotle in case you missed it. 


Thanks so much for writing to us. I must first say, Wow! You sounds like an amazing fan and loyal customer and we cannot thank you enough for your patronage and for spreading the good “burrito” word along to many of your family and friends. You certainly make a phenomenal case for wanting us to cater your wedding and I applaud your passion and enthusiasm about this. In regard to our Chipotle Truck, while we had high intentions of having this thing be able to roam around the country and spread the delicious world of burritos to people on a mobile and fun platform.

We have unfortunately experienced some issues with actually driving this machine. It was built too heavy and at the current moment, we aren’t even able to drive it out of Austin, TX. So in other words, it will not be able to make the long trip to YourCity, NC unless you come up with some way to invent time travel or some other method of shipping a multiple ton vehicle. As for your wedding, you are accurate in knowing that we don’t cater as a normal practice. However, this has been done for people in the past on a case by case and special basis. The only thing I can really tell you is that you are more than welcome to plead with one of your local restaurants to see if they could put together a catering event for your wedding. I can’t promise anything, but if you share your wonderful story with them and how much Chipotle has impacted your life, you may just be able to convince them to do it for you. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful email and I wish you all the luck with your wedding and please let us know what you end up naming your first born! Take care and happy burrito eating!

Austin Roberts

I mean COME ON, what a letter! Oh Chipotle, why must you make it so hard to be angry with you? I want to be upset and bummed out, but all I can think is “what an awesome company, I should probably up my weekly burrito intake from 5 to 7.”  Maybe I will be naming my first born Steve Ells after all. 

13 thoughts on “Response from Corporate Chipotle

  1. Wow Courtney! That was an awesome letter! I feel the same way about Mexican food. I don’t know if they have a Moe’s near you, but that is my restaurant of choice and they DO cater! I wish I had thought of that for my wedding! lol

    • Thank you!! Yep there is a Moe’s here but for some reason I’m not a fan! I only go to Chipotle or Qdoba. Maybe it’s time I give Moe’s another try 🙂 What do you get?

      And yes having Qdoba cater our wedding was AMAZING!!! They rocked it and people said it was the best wedding food they had ever had! So much fun.

  2. Let’s change the venue to the Chipotle restaurant! We’ll crash it, have an “occupy moment,” and the groomsmen can do the cooking/serving. 😉

  3. Bummer! I know how much you wanted a Chipotle wedding. You know.. you can always look into them for your rehearsal dinner. Just order online and have someone go grab them from the local shop. 🙂

  4. Wow!! That letter is awesome! You’re right, it is very nice to know that not all large companies are “robots.” Maybe you should take this letter in to the Chipotle you go to almost every day and start pleading 😉 You have almost a year!!

    • I’ve been asking them to cater my wedding since before I got engaged haha!! They can’t/won’t do it because their food quality suffers so much. The manager said their chicken has a 45 min. shelf life. No good for traveling!

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