Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I have always posted examples of my own photography for the weekly photo challenges, but this week I’m switching it up a bit due to the theme. When I read the word “together” I instantly thought about my fiance, Isaac. 

Since September of 2007, we have spent almost every day together (except the year we were long-distance). He broke me of my unfortunate tendency to date boys, get ’em hooked, and drop ’em. I was growing worried that the man of my dreams (intelligent, spiritual, funny, romantic, handsome) didn’t exist and I would forever be stuck with men that either bore me to death or left me in tears. Where is the happy medium??? I started to wonder.

I found him, and he is more than just a happy medium. He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me. 

This post is for my fiance, Isaac.  Life is better when we are together

When we first met in the FL Keys

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. Awww. It’s sweet of you to dedicate a post for him and it’s sweeter because it’s about being “Together”. You look good together and the photos really show that you’re happy and very much in love with each other. I especially like the fourth photo, the one where he kissed you in the forehead. ❤ 🙂

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