I Think I Like to Run

Ahhhh vacation. This past Saturday Isaac and I loaded up the car and headed to the North Carolina coast to spend a week at Topsail Island. His family has been coming to this beach at least once a year for the past 35-ish years, and I have joined them the for the past 5. By now it feels a little like coming home.

While on vacation, I promised myself that I was going to continue to workout and eat healthy. I don’t want to blow all my hard work on a week at the beach. So on Sunday morning, I woke up ready to go for a run in the fresh salty air. If you know me, then you know I don’t run. In fact, my life motto up until this point has been “if you ever see me running, call the police.” But something about the palm trees, ocean breeze, and pound of chocolate I have eaten in the past week made me want to see what this “running” thing was all about.

I think I figured it out. When I got back to the house I could barely walk. I thought I had done maybe a mile and a half, and was thinking how pathetic it was that I was already so sore. Later Isaac and I drove the distance I ran to see how far it actually was. 4 freakin miles!!! If you combine all of my running from the past 12 months, it probably wouldn’t total 4 miles. Seriously, I was the kid in elementary and high school that had a doctor’s note to sit out of every running activity. It was legitimate, as I had/have severe asthma, but I absolutely milked it for all it was worth.

On Monday I woke up and ran another 2 miles. I don’t know who this new girl is that apparently likes to run, but I kind of like her. I guess all I need is a beach to run on and clean salty air to breathe, is that too much to ask?? Now the thought of going home and running on the pavement by the busy road sounds terrible. Anybody have any hints/tips for a novice runner? Feel free to share them please!! I know running can be really rough on your body. And yes, I stretch before and after a run.

Today I will be taking a day off, as every muscle in my body is screaming “I HATE YOU.” I’m excited to continue this whole running thing though. Glad I started training now since the Warrior Dash is in just two months!

Pics from our beach trip so far:

We jaw dropped as we pulled up to our gorgeous rental for the week! The mayor of the town used to live here.

Have I died and gone to heaven?

Isaac on the widows walk. You can see the whole town from the roof of the house.

My nephew, Max. He calls Isaac “unc Ike” and me “aunt corky.” MELT.

Beach babies!

My handsome man

This is how every day should end

5 thoughts on “I Think I Like to Run

  1. Go, Court, GOOO!!

    How awesome! Running IS fun. It makes me feel like a kid again if I can run. I think I waddle fast or something. 😛 And you feel so good afterward.

    Washington Dog Park on Broad street (where I take Bjorn) also has a greenway with a creek that has a walking/running/biking trail beside it. I believe it’s mostly paved, and you will find bikes, runners, dog walkers- EVERYTHING. It’s really pretty and goes for a while. I’ve never walked it, so I’m not sure how long it stretches, but it’s beautiful, and NO cars whizzing by to blow dust on you.

  2. I am so proud of you!! I was the same way about running until the end of last year, when I decided to run a half-marathon, which is now this Saturday. Eek!!

    I love the beach as well, and miss living in VB terribly! It looks like you had a fabulous house to stay in and some beautiful scenery to take in.

    Congrats on the four miles. I’m proud of you!

  3. I would say that walking for at least five minutes before running would be a great benefit to your body! Some stretching at the beginning is good but stagnant stretches at the end will help your body immensely!! Keep it up! I’m proud of you for running!!

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