Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

SCUBA Diving in the Cenotes of Mexico. I love the contrast of the perfectly blue water with our silhouettes.

I wouldn’t go skydiving for $10,000 or a life-time supply of frozen yogurt. Nope, wouldn’t do it. Why would anybody strap on a little backpack with a MAYBE-working parachute inside and jump out of an airplane? It’s ludicrous. It’s not natural.

However, when asked if I wanted to strap a tank of oxygen to my back and go explore an underwater cave, I couldn’t get my wetsuit on fast enough. I’d much rather be among the fishes than the birds.

While somewhat intimidating, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was my first time cave diving (REAL cave diving, not a training course) and if I hadn’t had an oxygen tank strapped to my back, it would have taken my breath away. It was a first for many things that day, including my first time actually crying underwater! Didn’t know THAT was possible. 

It was overwhelmingly beautiful and brought tears to the eyes of almost everybody I was diving with. I truly think God let me experience  a tiny slice of heaven on earth that day.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. We are totally opposite on this one, sister! I’m terrified of any water besides a pool or shower. I go about 10 feet into the ocean. Ha!

    I have wanted to skydive since I was 17 and plan to go soon!

    Beautiful picture!!

    • Well to be honest, I know what you mean about only going 10 ft. into the ocean! It is scary when you cannot see what is under your feet or swimming towards you, I do the same thing at the beach. When you are SCUBA diving though and become part of the underwater environment, it is totally different!! It doesn’t feel scary, even when seeing sharks or barracudas. To get all Pocahontas on you, it feels like you are “one with the animals” hahaha.

      You gotta let me know how the skydiving goes….makes me feel like barfing even thinking about it!!

  2. i am very grateful that in addition to the open skies and the depths of the oceans there is also good old terra firma. good walking shoes and a place to hike or walk – especially along the ocean’s edge, now that’s the kind of eye candy i enjoy. imagine the endless roar, the surging surf, the misty, salted air. it makes me grateful and amazed every time when i am there.
    having said that, thank you for sharing these images and your story so that i could enjoy the views vicariously. will keep it vicariously, mind you – but they are beautiful clicks! congratulations on your adventure!

    • I know what you mean! I took an hour long walk by the ocean today and cannot agree more with your sentiments. There is something so beautiful and peaceful about enjoying the ocean from the shore. The shore that contains lots of oxygen, with no chance of it slipping away 🙂

    • Everyone has their own sense of adventure! I have retired my fins and now get lost in mountain biking and weight lifting. As long as you have something that inspires you and gives you a fresh perspective on life, I don’t think it matters what it is!

  3. I can only get a glimpse of what you must have felt like in that “other world”. These photos are stunning. The clarity of the water is amazing. I can quite believe it brought a tear to your eye. It had me looking again and again at the photos. BEAU-TI-FUL.

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    • Thanks!

      Funny you say that. When people ask me what cave diving is like I say “it’s like being on another planet. It feels like you are floating in outer space exploring a new planet!” Amazing!

  5. I love that I continually find out new things about you all the time! Those pictures are spectacular!! I have jumped out of a plane and I have to say that I would be TERRIFIED scuba diving!! Maybe with you by my side I would try it! Dave is also certified so if we all go on a vacation I refuse to be left behind!! : )
    Another great post Court!! Love you!!

    • How funny, I don’t think I remember hearing your skydiving story? YOU ARE CRAZY! Love how we can talk just about every single day for the past 2 years and not know these things about each other. I need to hear about that skydiving…but I’ll take a xanax first.

      Yes, diving on vacation is a must!!!! Destination wedding bells maybe?????

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