What I Don’t Miss

Because my What Do You Miss? Post was a little nostalgic and a lot depressing, I felt the need to create a What I Don’t Miss list.

What I Don’t Miss

  • Dating. Sure, I miss the excitement of a first date and the “I wonder where this will go” thoughts, but overall, I don’t miss it a bit. One first date I went on, the gentleman showed me his third nipple because he thought I would think it was “cool.” Another first date, the young man talked about his mommy all night and kept saying I was JUST like her. So no, I don’t miss dating. [Plus, if you are with the right man, he will know how to still give you first-date butterflies even when you’ve been together for years]
  • High school. There is nothing I miss about it. Nothing.
  • Being unemployed. I’ve been employed for the past 10 years of my life so it was awhile ago, but I don’t miss having to go to mom and dad for money every time I wanted something!
  • The WASSSSUUUUUUUP commercials. The commercials themselves weren’t so bad, it was the way ever single man in your life thought it was hilarious and beat that dead horse into the ground.
  • Having to take math classes. I have taken a few in college but for some reason they were not nearly as stressful/difficult as they were in high school. Maybe the fact that my high school teacher was a pedophile gave me a complex about high school math classes in general. That’s another story in itself.
  • Waitressing full-time. I really enjoy waitressing 20-25 hours a week, but 40-50 hours a week is just too much. I start hating people when I have to serve them all day every day.
  • Being insecure. Life is so much easier now that I can own the qualities that make me, me! I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I like to read a lot, go to bed early, I hate parties (for the most part), I love Jesus and believe in having a relationship with him, and I sometimes have an awkward/sick sense of humor. Take it or leave it people!
  • Living in a loft downtown where the train outside my window would come by every few hours throughout the night. Our windows also didn’t shut all the way so winter was brutal and summer was miserable. 2010 was a long, sleepless, blistering hot, freezing cold, grumpy year!
  • Living with roommates. Some of them I liked (you know who you are), most of them I did not like. It’s nice living with someone who I can be open and honest with all the time. Pretending that the TV volume on 50 and the growing pile of dishes in the sink didn’t bother me was exhausting.
  • Chronic stomach aches. From about 2nd grade until early college, I had a stomach ache ALL THE TIME. I almost had to be home-schooled because it always hurt, and my teachers kept asking my mom if things were going okay at home! Not just little pains here and there, it was crippling, bring-me-to-my-knees type pain. Looking back, I think it was anxiety. Amazing what anxiety can do to a kid who doesn’t know how to cope with it!
  • Living in the Washington, DC area. The traffic was atrocious.
  • Having to take PE classes. Who wants to run around, get all sweaty, then put your clothes back on and sit in class for another 5 hours! Gross!
  • Fast food. I haven’t had a fast food meal in years (maybe 5?) and I don’t miss it one bit. None of it even looks appealing anymore.
  • Paying $1,000/month for a 300 sq. ft studio in the Keys. Also living in the FL Keys with no air conditioning. I don’t miss living in Florida.
  • Life before the internet. Yes, sometimes stupid cat videos and writing blogs can suck you in for HOURS, but I would feel so lost without Google. Google knows EVERYTHING, clearly 😉
  • Having pets like hamsters, fish, gerbils, and hermit crabs where cleaning their gross cages/enclosures is far more trouble than they’re worth.
  • The feeling of not knowing when Isaac was going to propose! I loved the excitement, but it was killing me! So glad that it finally happened and the rock is on the finger, heheh.
  • Being a stupid and ignorant teenager. In hindsight, I’m so lucky to be alive, have all of my limbs, and still have parents that love me!
  • Going to Wingate University and waking up to the smell of dead chickens most mornings. The Tyson factory was a few miles down the road and the stench was unmistakable.
  • Panic attacks. I have now been panic attack free for over one year, WOOHOO!!! So happy and proud to have learned how to cope with my anxiety without the use of medicine. It has changed my life.

2 thoughts on “What I Don’t Miss

  1. 1. McGrath- do you remember him? He asked me if I knew how to “examine” myself and was always trying to drive me home after school. AND he went to my CHURCH! So wrong.
    2. I feel like a lot of people start getting the anxiety attacks in their early 20’s. Makes sense. You are figuring life out, and life is scary!
    3. I don’t miss DC at all haha! I DO miss it because of certain people but I don’t miss the culture, traffic, rushed lifestyle, or humidity.
    4. Yeah I’ve had some ridiculous roommates!! One of them would sneak into my room when I was gone and try on my clothes…not okay.

  2. A few things: you must tell me which teacher in hs. I had anxiety attacks when I was in my early twenties. NO FUN. I only miss one thing from hs: being able to see my besties (who are still my besties!) You know you secretly miss DC because that’s where I am. You can deal with the traffic! (but seriously, I totally understand). I’ve never had a roommate but your situation would’ve made me move out. I can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink. And finally, I haven’t had fast food in years as well. It’s gross and so so so unhealthy.

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