Why The Tarheels are Bad for My Relationship

Let me just preface this post by saying that my fiance, Isaac, is the sweetest, most caring, and thoughtful man I have ever met. Duh, that’s why I’m marrying him. In the four and a half years that we have been together, he has made me cry more happy tears than sad. Isaac is definitely a “guy’s guy” who loves to drink beer and talk music and sports. At the same time, he will always watch the stupid animal videos that I show him (usually while he is working on a grad school paper or something else equally as important) and he insists on tucking me into bed every night. Cheesy, maybe, but it’s one of my favorite parts about our relationship. After he has worked a 10 hour day and gone to business school for another 4, he will still come home and rub my back and arms because I love it so much. He is the perfect companion for me. Unless UNC Chapel Hill basketball is on.

Isaac isn’t a HUGE sports fanatic. I mean, instead of watching the Super Bowl we made popcorn and watched Breaking Bad and old episodes of The Office. This is why last night surprised me. If any of you caught the Duke v UNC game last night, you know how tragic it was for UNC fans. My fiance is UNC alumni and is a tad obsessed with their team. During most games he will run upstairs, grab his UNC jersey and wear it over whatever outfit he has on. He and his friends will all text each other saying “it’s jersey time!” and they will all wear their jerseys, wherever they may be.

Last night I sat down next to him to watch the last 10 minutes of the game and almost immediately the Tarheels started screwing up. He looked at me and said “you’re a bad luck charm for the Heels, you should go.” I laughed and didn’t move. An unfortunate series of events led to Duke beating UNC in the last second of the game, it was unbelievable. Isaac said to me again “you’re bad luck for them, you can’t watch the game with me anymore.” Normally, I would have laughed and made some smart ass comment back to him, but the bitterness and malicious tone of his voice was surprising, and unusual for him. I said “wow, you’re being really mean”, got up, and went to my room.

I waited for him to come into my room and say “I’m sorry, just kidding, OF COURSE you are not bad luck for my team!!!!” but…he didn’t. Next thing I heard was his light switch click off and him settling into bed. This is unreal. Does he ACTUALLY think I am bad luck for the Tarheels?? Am I bad luck for them?!?! No, that is ridiculous, he is being a jerk. I laid in bed for a few minutes and finally decided to go in and say good night to my sore loser. We said “I love you” and “sweet dreams” but it wasn’t as warm as usual. We were definitely a little pissed at each other.

I woke up practically laughing this morning. We haven’t fought in FOREVER and we got into a mini tiff because he said I cursed his team. He was a little too serious and I got a little too offended. Next time I’ll know to watch the game in a different room.

Must have been game day. I spy someone wearing a Heels jersey over long johns 😉

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