Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

Warning: Photos may be upsetting to some. Not for weak-stomached individuals! 

For this week’s photo challenge, my fiance’s job came to mind. He supervises an eye lab that collects, evaluates, and prepares human corneas for transplant. Some people may look at these photos and think “gross” but I see a beautiful thing. Through somebody’s lost life, another can literally see (sometimes for the very first time).

In addition to local service, the lab sends corneas to third world countries for free if the need is present, helping to restore vision and health in thousands of lives each year. I could not be more proud of the work my man does! With medical advancements these days, the possibilities are just incredible.

The possibility of vision through organ donation. Ready for transplant!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. WOW—what a great set of pictures! I am so proud of Isaac! The care and dedication he displays through his work is amazing. Love, Dad

  2. Amazing, and inspiring. My brother was an organ donor, and when he died his corneas went to help someone see. (Other parts of his body gave others life.) There is something very comforting about this and how science and technology can enhance the lives of many.

    • Wow thank you for sharing that. I’m sorry for your loss, but how reassuring to know that he saved lives and restored vision. At the eye lab my fiance works at, there are binders and binders full of stories/pictures of people who received corneas from donors. I could just sit there for hours crying and reading the touching stories.

      I hope it comforts you too to know that the people who work in the lab don’t just view the donations as “random tissue” with no connection to a real person. Each cornea that is worked on is handled incredibly delicately and truly respected, if that makes sense.

      Thanks again for sharing!

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