A Dilemma

Isaac and I have a dilemma on our hands. I Can’t stop sleepwalking into his room and waking him up every single night. I also can’t stop laughing as I’m writing this. What in the world?! It’s like in the past two weeks my subconscious has tapped into the fact that I am not confined to the walls of my own room while sleepwalking, I can venture into Isaac’s room!

The first few times we both thought it was pretty funny and had no reason to believe it would become a habit. It did. A couple of nights ago Isaac put me to bed and went to go work on schoolwork. After about two hours of being asleep, I walked into his room and said “hey I’m thinking about going to bed now, ok?” He knew I was sleeptalking since he had “put me to bed” 2 hours earlier. Like the sweet man he is though, he played along. “Ok, would you like me to tuck you in?” I said “Yeah, that would be really nice”, kissed him, and went and got back in bed.

Three nights ago I ran in there and started talking to him about needing to go downstairs and clean water bottles. I then put my head on him and stayed quietly like that for about 10 seconds before walking back into my room.

Two nights ago Isaac was standing at the bottom of our stairs and watched me walk out of my room and into his room. He says I looked at his bed, saw that he wasn’t there, turned around, and walked right back into my own room without a peep. He immediately ran up the stairs and woke me up with “Are you kidding me?! You will only come in and do crazy things if I am there sleeping! You solely come in there to wake me up!??!” We were both crying we were laughing so hard.

Then there was last night. Ohhhhh last night. Last night could have actually landed me in the ER if I hadn’t woken up in time. I was having a dream that my throat was closing (stupid anaphylaxis) and it felt so realistic. I remember not being able to breathe, the feeling of my throat swelling shut. I have woken up before and not been able to breathe (over 10 years ago) so I think that horrifying feeling has stuck with me and sometimes creeps into my nightmares. I will never forget laying semi-unconscious on my bathroom floor with my mom screaming in my face “stay with me, keep your eyes open Court!!” Ok anyways back to last night. I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet to get my nebulizer and threw it on my bed. I emptied my purse on my bedroom floor and grabbed my epi-pen. Epi-pen in hand, I ran into Isaac’s room and screamed “you need to come in here RIGHT NOW!!!” I was preparing to give myself a shot of adrenaline and wanted him there with me.

Here is the ridiculous part, however I am thankful for it because I think it woke me up. In my head/dream, I knew I was going to be required to go to the hospital if I did a shot of epinephrine. So what did I do? Ran to the bathroom, still gasping for breath, and violently brushed my teeth. Because we all know that nobody in the ER ever has foul body odor or, God forbid, bad breath. All of the sudden I was awake, staring in the mirror realizing what I was doing. My body was convulsing so hard I could barely stand, just from the sheer terror of the nightmare.

It was at this point that Isaac walked in and asked if I was okay. I said yes, and he rubbed my back until I stopped uncontrollably shaking. He removed my epi-pen from my nightstand and helped me calm down enough to realize it had just been a nightmare. His words of encouragement were pretty funny looking back: “Court, you haven’t had an anaphylactic reaction in over a year! It’s time to be anxious about other things, like how we don’t have enough money to buy a house.” He always knows how to put things into perspective.

So after things calmed down last night, once again we were both in tears we were laughing so hard. I don’t know how to stop sleepwalking into his room. Poor Isaac gets woken up every single night by a crazy person screaming about water bottles, throats closing, or just coming in for a second goodnight kiss.

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