These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things

Today I have been thinking about pet-peeves. I have a lot of them. I don’t know if a lot of things just simply annoy me or if most of my pet-peeves are justified. Maybe there are universal things that are just plain annoying! I’ve been getting easily frustrated with co-workers lately so I feel like I need to have a rant post! Here is my list so far:

1. People that tell you long stories about the dream they had last night. On the rare occassion a dream story can be interesting and/or funny, but usually not. Especially when the person is trying to remember details that don’t make sense (because it’s a dream and they usually don’t make sense) and they keep pausing to think about it. I enjoy a good story, but not a dream story. Save ’em for your therapist!

2. When people are in the middle of a sentence and yawn and continue to try and finish their sentence.  I cannot understand you while you are yawning. Please take 5 seconds, finish your yawn, then continue.

3. When the toilet paper is “under the roll.” I know this is a very common one and it drives me crazy! I will fix it if I am at a guests house, public restroom, anywhere! Hate it!

4. One-uppers. Why can’t people just listen to a story without trying to top it?

5. When people sing this song to you “courtney courtney bo bourtney banana fana fo fourtney fee fi fo fourtney, courtney.” Anybody over the age of 8 should not have that song sung to them. At 24? It is infuriating.

6. When someone makes a comment about how hot it is outside and someone in the room says “Oh please, I’m from Florida and THIS is NOTHING.” It works with cold weather too. “Oh please, this isn’t cold. I grew up in New York where it gets REALLY cold.” I don’t care if you grew up in an igloo! I happen to be cold and I didn’t ask for a climate report of your hometown!

7. The sound of someone chewing a bagel with cream cheese.

8. When you have an assigned parking spot but can only park there 50% of the time because the person next to you constantly parks halfway into your spot.

9. Parents who slap their kids and scream at them when misbehaving in public. Thats not spanking, that’s child abuse. And they will not learn anything from being hit in public. They are going to grow up to be just like you, worthless parent!

10. People who use the words “too” and “to” incorrectly. KILLS me!

11. Cyclists who insist on riding just far enough in the road so that you cannot get by, especially when there is a sidewalk.

12. People who spell their child’s names phonetically or add letters that don’t make sense. At the school I work at there are some ridiculous names that I see.
Examples: T-onya (tee-on-yay) — Tiskesha (Ta-keesha) — Taiciai (Ta-keesha)

13. Grocery carts with a bad wheel. For some reason this said wheel usually doesn’t present itself until you are halfway through the store, too far to go back for a new one.

14. When somebody tells me something bad happened to them and  I say “I’m so sorry” and they say “It’s not your fault.” I know it’s not my fault, I am just saying “I’m sorry it happened”…I’m not apologizing for something  I had nothing to do with.

15. Bathrooms that have a full length mirror positioned so you can see your whole body while seated. Full length mirrors are scary enough–MUST I see myself sitting down half-naked?!

16. How on movies and TV shows the characters almost NEVER say “goodbye” when ending a phone conversation. They just hang up! That is not real! If someone did that to me  I would call back and say “we must have been disconnected.”

17. People that let their dogs jump on you, especially in an elevator. When I first moved into my current apartment complex I was in the elevator with a neighbor. Her dog was yapping and jumping on my bare leg and I said “can you please pull her off? I am allergic to dogs. I’ll get hives” and she responded “oh don’t worry, she’s hypoallergenic” and continued to let little Mitzy jump on me. I stared at her and simply said “please pull her off….” What is wrong with people!?

18. The shower heads at my apartment complex. Oddly enough that was a big selling point for us getting our loft. They are the HUGE rainfall ones with great water pressure. That is one of their features when showing you the apartment. They do not tell you how it will drain the entire water heater in 12-15 minutes. The hot water won’t return for over an hour sometimes. When I confronted the landlord (who lives on-site) about it she said “Oh yeah I had to take that big one off and get a tiny one so I can have hot water for awhile.” Nice…

19. Leggings. If you must wear them, at least make them long enough so they don’t stop in the middle of your calf.

20. Fat girls in skinny jeans. Sorry, but it’s true.

21. The sound/feel of popsicles. Even writing about it now gives me chills! I’d rather hear nails on a chalkboard all day than the sound of someone biting into a popsicle. Hearing someone eat an Italian Ice is my worst nightmare.

22. Pants or shirts in the dryer with loud zippers/buttons.

23. People that say to me “How old are you? Are you old enough to be doing this job?” This used to happen to me on a weekly basis at the school I work at. Rude! I finally came up with the perfect comeback and nobody has said it since, of course. Next time though I will respond with “how much do you weigh? Yeah, I didn’t think questions like that were socially acceptable yet.”

24. When people blare their music at a public pool. Why would you assume that every other person there enjoys the same music you do?

25. The expression “cool beans.”

OK WHEW! I feel better!

4 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things

  1. This post had me in tears. Excellent. You did, however, forget to mention the people who can’t seem to figure out the difference between “you’re” and “your”. THAT, to me, is the worst.

    ..and seriously, you don’t like ‘cool beans’? Who doesn’t like ‘cool beans’?

    • YES “you’re” and “your” is another one. Same with “their” and “they’re.” I cannot help myself from correcting people when they mistype it. That is probably someone else’s major pet peeve, when people correct grammar. Oh well 🙂 I don’t claim to be a grammar god by any means, but I firmly believe people should learn these common words. It makes them seem so unintelligent when they are misused.

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  3. LOL oh my! I was seriously laughing out loud at this one. I definitely agree with you–if I had to make a list, mine would almost identical! Numbers 5 and 6 especially. I hate when people say my name like that too, and when people try to discount the extreme heat or cold–are you telling me that it’s NOT hot outside?! And I HATE biting into a Popsicle too! UGH I have such sensitive teeth it hurts so bad!! Even watching other people bite into one hurts my gums! AHHH

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