April Fools!

Today is April Fools, my mother’s favorite holiday I’m pretty sure. Marm loves her practical jokes! I just talked to her on the phone and she told me about this evil (and hysterical) idea she had to prank my little sister, however her best friend talked her out of it. Katy was recently accepted into UNCG and mom was going to write a letter, add the UNCG letterhead, and give the sealed letter to Katy on the way to the college’s orientation this weekend. The letter was going to say how they were sorry but due to her latest grades she was going to be placed on the wait list after all.

This flooded back memories of being in middle school and having mom prank us every single April fools day. My three sisters and I were all in private school and we had to wake up at an un-Godly hour in order to beat the Northern Virginia traffic.  One unfortunate morning, mom woke up my sisters and I and dragged us down to breakfast. Yes, I felt a lot more exhausted than usual but didn’t think too much of it as the time on my alarm clock seemed about right. Us four girls sat at the kitchen table, pitch black outside, as this CRAZY lady is standing in the kitchen making us breakfast. She couldn’t hold it in for long and she busted out laughing. She had changed ALL the clocks in the house so we were up hours before we needed to be. She actually managed to have all of us get up and think we were supposed to be getting ready for school in the middle of the night!

One time she also put saran wrap under the toilet seat so the next person that used the restroom would make a mess everywhere. That trick only works for men though, nice try mom! I think it was Katy that sat on the toilet seat and realized immediately she was sitting on plastic! hah!

I think marm is hysterical! I want to do the same type of pranks to my kids someday. I know it is she who gave me my sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself. I’m sure at the time I didn’t think her whole changing the clocks routine was too funny, but looking back, I love it! Thanks mom for the unusual and wonderful childhood memories!

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