Happy and Busy

Poor Other Courtney Blog. She has probably felt like a red headed step child lately due to LIFE getting in the way. I guess that’s a good thing though. Better to be out there living life than sitting inside writing about it, right?

Isaac and I have been really busy doing incredibly adult stuff like teaching our dog to skateboard


And checking out hot babes together


Apparently we have drastically different taste in women. Interesting.

Oh yeah, Isaac also finished business school! FINALLY!!!


It has been a long two years. Obviously it’s been harder on him than it has me, but I am so thankful to have my husband back! We learned a lot, we fought a little, but ultimately we grew together. I learned to appreciate and look forward the little things: him waking me up at 3am for a goodnight kiss, a quick 9:30 PM dinner before he had to hit the books again, a text message in the middle of the day just to check in. We made the best of our situation and how little time we got to spend together. We made it through. His walking ceremony isn’t until May of next year, but we had a fancy dinner at the country club last week where he was awarded his diploma.

I even wore mascara! If I’m wearing mascara you know we are celebrating something big. The last time I wore it was March 9, 2013, my wedding day.



Speaking of wedding day, we also just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly six months has gone by. The older I get the more quickly time passes. Can we just slow it down for a hot second?

Also, I’ve been writing the blog for the company Molly’s Suds and it has been a really interesting learning experience. I now know enough about chemicals in our every day food/products to make me want to never eat, drink, or wash my hair again. Yikes! Check it out if you’re into healthy living and want tips and info about how to go chemical-free. I make a post every Tuesday and Friday.

Anyway, more later. I’ll make a “real” post in the very near future. Hope you all are well!

6 thoughts on “Happy and Busy

    • Thank you!!! It’s been a wonderful 6 months 🙂 And I know, isn’t it scary?! The one posted today about laundry detergent ickies is the scariest to me I think! That and BPA’s. and GMO’s. Okay they are all scary haha :-p

  1. This is totally where I am lately. I actually feel bad for my blog as if it is a neglected pet. But, then I remember that I’m not writing about life because I’m out there living it and it is BUSY BUSY. Soon enough Fall will roll around and it won’t be long before we’re all cuddled up on our couches blogging away again.

    Btw – stunning pic of you 🙂

    • haha yup, our poor babies! I can’t wait to be snuggled up next to the fireplace writing, one of my favorite things actually. You are exactly right!

      And thank you 😀

  2. Congrats on the anniversary! Crazy how time flies, right? Also, your dog can skateboard and I still haven’t figured out how. Buurns. You look beautiful! (p.s. I changed blog addresses again – last time I swear. I think.)

    • Thank you!! Yes, it blows by!!! I’m loving it. Yeah about the skateboarding, I can’t do it either. So don’t feel bad, haha. I actually can’t even step onto the board without Isaac holding me steady, it’s really pathetic. I figure I’ll just train my dog to do all the things I suck at. Soon she should be able to knit me a sweater and keep my plants alive.

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