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I hate shopping. I hate clothes shopping. And shopping in places where there are a lot of people and horribly lit dressing rooms with fun house mirrors that trigger panic attacks because “are my hips and pores and jowls really that big?!?!?” But put me in front of a computer with a credit card and I will go to town. has both been one of the best things in my life and on of my worst enemies. I bought Amazon Prime last year (free 2-day shipping on most Amazon products, OMG I KNOW) and since then my ordering has definitely increased. When I’m feeling particularly lazy and know I am running low on moisturizer, I will order it from Amazon instead of going to the drug store. Ridiculous, right? But to me it makes sense. In 48 hours I will arrive home to a perfect little brown box on my doorstep with my shiny new tub of moisturizer inside. In fact, while writing this post I remembered I needed more shampoo and have already ordered it on Amazon. Iamaddicted.

So I decided it would be fun to take a trip down my Amazon order history memory lane to see the randomness that at one point I decided I NEEDED TO HAVE ON MY DOORSTEP IN 48 HOURS. Out of the many things I have ordered in the past few years, here are some of my favorites. Check them out, you may fall in love and become an Amazon Junkie, too.

1. Burt’s Bees fluoride-free whitening toothpaste– SLS and Fluoride can be harmful products in your toothpaste, but all of the “all natural” toothpaste products I’ve tried so far (Tom’s, Jason, a few others) have been nasty. They left my mouth feeling like I had just brushed my teeth with horse manure. Seriously, horse breath is all I could think of. This Burt’s Bees toothpaste has been awesome! Tastes good, prevents canker sores, and really does whiten your teeth!


2. Synergy Digital Replacement Charger– If you have a DSLR camera, especially a Canon Rebel, BUY THIS CHARGER! It is so much more convenient than the one the camera comes with, and works great!


3. 6-foot iPhone charger cables– This is seriously a first world problem, but if you are like me, then you have suffered from this too. You’re laying in bed and desperately want to talk to someone on the phone or look something up but can’t because your iPhone charger cord is approximately 2 inches long. At least it feels that way. Solution? These cords. They are the perfect lazy-ass-American-first-world-problems length!


4. Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals– This is a postcard book that I freaking love. It has the most hilarious post cards to send to loved ones (or enemies). In fact, I’ve had it for over a month and still haven’t sent one out, I just can’t part with the hilariousness yet!


5. Magnetic measuring spoons– Okay so I ordered a these for a friend, but they are awesome!! I keep meaning to order a set for myself. They snap together so nicely and help organize the clutter.


6. Yoga Mat Flip Flops– It feels like you are walking on a cloud filled with marshmallows, feathers, puppies, and kittens. Favorite flippy floppies ever!


7. Kuhn Rikon Knives– these were on my “favorite things of 2012” list and I’m putting them on this list again because they are that awesome. Isaac recently bought me a second set because I love my original set so much. They stay sharp and have little blade covers so you can travel with them.


8. Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Makeup– I love this foundation, I’ve worn it for years! Amazon makes it so I don’t have to enter the dreaded mall to find it, score.


9. iPhone Cases Galore– Sure, they are not Otterbox quality, but I’m not an Otterbox kind of girl. I’m the kind of crazy person who likes to change my iPhone’s case, background, and layout every few weeks so it feels like my phone is “new.” Did you know Amazon has hundreds of cases that are less than $5? Yes, they are made in China and Hong Kong so I may be breathing in harmful chemicals, but just LOOK at how cute the case is. Lung problems worth it.


10. Waiter Rant– If you have ever waited tables, worked in the food service industry, retail in general, or have every just wondered what it is like, read this book. It was a lot better than I expected and was surprisingly funny. It didn’t feel like I was just listening to an overworked, underpaid server bitch about how mean people can be. There is some good insight and several quality stories!


24 thoughts on “Amazon Affair

  1. Ok….first things first…please erase “addicted” … and replace it with, “dedicated” lol…that makes it sound sooo much more positive.

    I am debating the measure spoons….at first I was thinking … what would you need magnetic measuring spoons for..but when you mentioned keeping them together…I went…aha!

    Then again … I have 3 or 4 sets in my drawer….well, likely becuase I lose all the little 1/8th tsp ones and keep buying more as they all disappear into the baking gadget drawer.

    Now those knives….hmm. They had them at Costco this past season … I debated getting them. Damn … I hope they still have them.

    • hahah you are so right, “dedicated” is SO much better. And I am SO very dedicated!

      Yep, the two people I have given the measuring spoons to LOVE them still. I say you go for it!

      And the knives? You must get them! I wonder how much they were selling them for at Costco? They usually have great deals. Although, did they come in a pack of 120? 😉

      • Hahaha … lord, 120 knives would make me look like whacko crazy lady, and then people would think, “I’m not going over to her house because …”

        Heyyyyyy waaiiiiittttt a minute …. I don’t have those knives yet … why are my friends already staying away?!?!!?

        LOL…just kidding. I think the knives were selling for $49.99 … it had 5 knives in the set if I recall correctly. But it was not just paring knives … but a chef blade, a utility knife, a bread knife, and 2 of the paring knives I think. It was colourful and I will go and take a look again now!

  2. My current Amazon obsession is the free kindle books list, but I need to rethink my priorities. I have friends who use Prime and get everything delivered, from kitty litter to granola bars. That is worth my time not to shop, if I can time it right.

    I used to read the Waiter Rant blog, didn’t realize there was a book. And I am very interested in the baby animals/bad news link. Surprise, right?

    • Free kindle book list?! I wasn’t aware of such a beautiful thing. Now I’ll have to go check that out!! Yeah, you should definitely look into Prime, it has a ton of free movies/tv shows you can watch on it, too!

      Do yourself a favor and order the bad news baby animals book, it is amaaaazing. 🙂

      • Some of the books appear to be “eh” but they get really good ones too, you just have to be there at the right time. The list updates every hour and I get a tweet of new titles being added.

        Not that I am obsessed or anything like that.

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  4. Reading this while opening my latest box (“Crazy Sexy Kitchen” and my cervical pivot plus some stuff that Joe ordered.) I order 90% of my stuff through them if it saves me from the mall. And Joe is just as addicted as me… he loves all the books and such he can find there. Ok I love my flip flops (yep, tried Char’s and had to have a pair of my own) and now I need to go order that postcard book!

    • And the book is filled with soooo many other funny ones. “Sorry your mom blew your college fund on cocaine” with a picture of a little kitten hahahaha! See? They are too funny to part with.

  5. I order so much from there so i don’t have to go to the store. Love amazon prime and HATE in person shopping, too! I want those knives…

    • Haha isn’t it just the best!? You MUST get the knives, I use them every day and constantly run them trough the dishwasher and they are still in perfect shape. You’ll love them! They make cooking so much more fun 🙂

  6. Omg Court I suffer from the same addiction!! I got amazon prime last year and I LOVE it! I order from there like every week (so bad!!)! They have such great deals on everything and you don’t even have to waste gas going out lol!! And those 6 foot chargers are awesome…now I can lay in bed and be on my phone instead of falling half off trying to stay charging..haha! But I figure there are always worst addictions to have :))

    • Haha YES! Almost every week Isaac sends me a picture of the Amazon box on our doorstep and says “really!?! More stuff!!!?” Hahah! Thankfully it is usually boring stuff like eczema safe soap and lotion so he lets it slide 🙂

      Do you already have the cables or are you going to get them? So glad I have an amazon prime addict buddy! Isn’t it the best for presents too?? I can go last minute birthday gift shopping as long as there are 2 days to spare!

      • Haha yes, Josh says the same thing and I am always like but it was SUCH a good deal and free 2 day shipping and he’s like ok..haha! Oh I have those cables…so now I can keep my phone addiction up in bed :). And I love getting gifts on there. The prices are great and you can ship it to that person for free….score!! I also love that you can stream free movies and TV shows! I sadly just found this out like two weeks ago. Did you know that?

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