One year has passed since we lost an amazing friend, cousin, brother, son, and grandson. Tim was one of the best parts about our family, and his physical presence is sorely missed. I haven’t read this post since I wrote it a year ago, it breaks my heart too much. Today I am reading it again and thinking of my sweet cousin, Tim, and his mom and brothers. We miss you Tim, we are grateful for the impact you made on our lives while you were here.

The Other Courtney

On April 19th, 2011, my beloved cousin Timothy passed away. It was extremely sudden and has left all of us feeling confused and heartbroken. My mom called to tell me the news yesterday evening. She started crying as she said “I have bad news.” Immediately I pictured Chester, my 13-year old Wheaten Terrier. I have been waiting for the phone call for a few years now telling me that my childhood dog has finally moved on to a better place. I never imagined the next words out of her mouth would be “Timmy is dead, Court.” Not Tim. Not my full of life, energetic, 28-year old cousin Tim. The cousin that you hope will be at every family gathering because he can make you laugh just by looking at you. The cousin that is so silly on the outside, but deep and spiritual on the inside. The cousin that asks “how…

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  1. This was the cousin you told me about when we see phantom people, or look alikes.

    I’m sorry the world lost such a beautiful person, and obviously too soon.

    May his memory be a blessing to you always, friend.

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