The Husky Sheds Her Winter Coat

When I was 12 years old I loved to shop at GAP Kids, much like other girls and boys my age. Unlike most other pre-teenies though, I had to wear GAP’s Husky line of pants and shorts. HUSKY- meaning “these pants will fit your fat kid because she can’t fit into our regular sized clothes.” In my ignorance, I thought Husky was just a different style of pants and was proud to show off my Husky girl clothes. I would even go into other stores asking if they sold Husky style pants and didn’t quite understand the smiles and constrained giggles when the store clerks always said “no.” I still haven’t lived down that story to this day. It manages to pop up every few months when Isaac and I go clothes shopping. Isaac will say with that impish grin of his “Court, do you think they sell these pants in Husky??” Le Sigh.

In the Husky years- before things got REALLY Husky

I’ve always struggled with weight. Not in a way that would seem too obvious to others (I’ve NEVER been obese or anything), but just with my weight fluctuating. At 5 feet 3 inches, an extra 10 pounds looks to be A LOT more than 10 pounds on my small frame.

Throughout high school my weight was constantly fluctuating. Part of that was due to a guy I dated who would feed me donuts, pasta, ice cream, and anything else fatty to make me gain weight so other guys wouldn’t talk to me (and it worked). He admitted this years after we broke up. Scary behavior for a 17-year old, right? After we broke up, I lost about 20 pounds and have been pretty content with my body size since then!

A few months ago some co-workers and I embarked on a “Biggest Loser” Competition. I decided that it was time to get in shape for my early 2013 wedding, and also finally have the bathing suit body I’ve always wanted. The winner will get close to $400!

Since December 8, 2011, I have been working out 4 times a week, sometimes waking up at 4:45 am in order to do so before I work a 15-hour day. I have been on a calorie watching program called Lose It and have seen some real results. All the sudden my pants are falling off and I find myself having a hard time getting dressed for work in the morning because NOTHING FITS! It has been extremely frustrating, although for a reason I can’t be TOO upset about.

So two days ago I went to TJ Maxx to find some new work pants. I grabbed 12 pairs of size 4 pants (woohoo) and marched into the fitting room. After trying on all 12 pairs of pants, I stood in the horribly lit dressing room staring at myself, shock in my eyes. Not one of them fit. They were all too big on me. I almost hyperventilated/cried/screamed and kept repeating to myself “AM I A SIZE 2?!?!?!”

The fitting room attendant was slightly confused as to why I tried on 12 pairs of pants all in the wrong size, but when I told her the reason she was elated for me! Over estimating your size is a good thing. When you grab 12 pairs of pants that are all too small and you realized you’ve gained weight? That is a tragedy.

I grabbed a size 2 (the only one in the entire store) and slid them on. I was actually nervous, like SHAKY nervous! They fit. I bought my first pair of size 2 pants EVER.

I am not one to brag about myself too often, but I just had to share this monumental moment in my life. Plus, I think it’s okay to brag a LITTLE when you have worked your ass off (literally) for something. I haven’t been starving myself for 3 months to lose weight (as proven in my Valentine’s Day post), and I haven’t done some crazy fad diet to lose 50 pounds in 3 months. I have been eating responsibly, working out like mad, and have only lost 8 pounds. I went from a size 8 (on a bad day) to a size 2 in 90 days!

Thank God for YMCA classes and weight lifting. I am now a firm believer of using weight training to drop inches and burn fat!! Here’s to feeling healthy, strong, and happy.

3 thoughts on “The Husky Sheds Her Winter Coat

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  2. Courtney, I am SO proud of you! You are truly inspiring and you should brag brag brag about yourself!! Your writing is so good that I felt shaky when you were trying on those size 2s!! Keep up your dedication and just so you know you really are very inspiring to others!

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