The Morning After a Double!

Yesterday was my first day working at the school from 8am-5pm then the restaurant from 5pm-10:45pm. It was a long day, almost 15 hours, but was a success! In the shower this morning I made a list in my head of pros and cons of this new lifestyle I must adapt and learn to love. I wanted to write them out to bring some clarity to the whole situation and to help myself stay positive. I think the pros will outweigh the cons, hopefully.


  • I worked for 5.5 hours at the restaurant and made $120 after tipping out. I will be working 4 days a week for awhile so if I can keep up with that pace, I’ll be in a financially good place sooner than later!
  • Part of that money is cash so I can now fill my gas tank and buy lunch today!
  • After sitting at a desk for 7 hours straight, the exercise that waitressing brings is welcomed. Speed walking for almost 6 hours straight is equivalent to the exercise I normally get in about 2 weeks combined
  • Because my body isn’t used to that much exercise, it freaked out and I’m pretty sure I lost between 3 and 5 pounds overnight
  • I love getting to talk to random people, learning about what they do and who they are. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to each and every one of my tables last night
  • There was a man at one of my tables whose honesty and kindness restored my faith in humanity. He made up for the table that accidentally stiffed me…
  • If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant for an extended period of time you know that the staff becomes almost family. After my hiatus at the restaurant I wasn’t sure how I’d be received by the cooks/servers/regular customers. It felt like coming home, everyone was thrilled to have me back and I could barely get work done because everyone was wanting to catch up! One server was so excited she even spilled champagne all over my table/guest bahaha
  • Since I don’t go into work until 11am on Tuesday’s and Thursdays, I get to sleep in until 9am after the days I work doubles. Score!
  • I’m not burnt out, yet! We’ll see how next week feels…


  • I saw Isaac for about 20 minutes total yesterday
  • My eczema isn’t good this morning. I had forgotten how carrying  food that I’m allergic to all night takes a pretty bad toll on my skin
  • I will never get home while there is still light outside, bummer
  • Eating dinner is difficult when working these double shifts. For dinner last night I ate a $4 bowl of tomato soup- and that was after the employee discount. CRAZY!
  • In a little over a week I’ll be starting my first UNCG course. It is accelerated and writing/reading intensive. I have no idea yet how I am going to fit that into this schedule. I guess lunch breaks at work and Saturday/Sunday?

I honestly can’t think of any more cons. That’s a great sign, as the pros absolutely outweigh the cons right now! OK I can do this!

One thought on “The Morning After a Double!

  1. Glad the first night went well. I was thinking about you this morning and did realize, too, that it’s not so bad to work Monday nights since you don’t have to get up so early on Tuesdays! 🙂 And I can’t believe you walked with $120… that’s more than I’m making after 9 hours at this joint! Haha. For a Monday that’s awesome! 😀

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