Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Isaac turned 27 today! Thought I would share the series of cards I made him and gave to him throughout the day 🙂 So thankful to be celebrating another year of life with him. ❤

True story. Not pleased.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Isaac!

  1. BAHAHAHAHA! Love it. What was the present? I can’t believe he guessed it. That is insane!
    This is SO funny!
    Happy Birthday Isaac! Hope your day was wonderful! Maybe one of these days I will get to meet you! 😀

  2. These are great! You need to start doing cards, you are super good at them! 🙂
    Happy Birthday Isaac!!

  3. You have a real GIFT, Courtney. I am just not sure what it is………………………:) Really those photos, but especially your pithy COMMENTS were priceless. I would PAY to have a card for those folks in my life with the additions of your comments. It is truly remarkable! Happy Birthday and many more to the wonderful blind guitarist who “cries” and to the talented Courtney, who makes everything so funny for everyone. Please keep writing and sending photos. You need a copyright, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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