A Red Carpet Weekend

This past weekend was the “Red Carpet Weekend” for the Wake Forest Masters of Business Program Candidates. Just from the title you are probably thinking the same thing Isaac and I were; lots of pretentious young adults with gazillions of dollars who want to take over daddy’s company someday.

Needless to say I felt a bit intimidated to go socialize with these people, some of which already had PhD’s and other fancy letters behind their names. There is nothing like a room full of type A, brilliant men and women to make you feel like a loser! At the first cocktail party I was in the restroom and for the life of me could not get the automatic sinks to work so I could wash my hands! I started laughing as I pictured a few MBA girls walk in, watch me struggling with the faucet, and say “you must not be smart enough to be in this program, you can’t even wash your hands.” hahah.

The reality of the weekend? It was fantastic. Isaac and I didn’t meet one person that we didn’t enjoy talking to and instantly connect with. Last night was the closing dinner at Graylyn, a gorgeous castle-looking estate here in Winston Salem. We were assigned to a table with six people, all in Isaac’s future class except for one alumnus and one current student. I immediately felt at ease when the current student in the MBA program looked at his wife and said “which fork do I use, there are so many!!” Like always, I had been too assuming and pessimistic about what WF grad students would be like. Isaac and I spent the next three hours laughing and chatting with this group of people like we were old friends. It turns out that the couple we were sitting next to lives TWO floors above us in our apartment complex, and the girl across the table knew one of my co-workers. And THAT is why I love Winston Salem. You never feel like a lost soul in a huge city with no connection to anybody or anything. I even knew the man that was greeting people at the door, as soon as I got out of the car he yelled “hey Courtney!!”


We closed out the night with huge grins, full of optimism about what was to come. The excitement in the dining room was buzzing through every table. The other “significant others” and I exchanged phone numbers so we can have get-togethers when our men are swallowed up in school work and we feel lonely. It will happen, as so many of the MBA alumni have warned us. One man even said “this program breaks up 1/3 of marriages!” I looked at Isaac and said “good thing we aren’t married yet!” I have no doubt that we will barrel through this and come out even stronger than we are now, but it is comforting to know that there are other women I can get together with and hopefully make some great friends! There is even a group that the program offers called “Partners Association.” A group of “significant others” (I hate that term) gets together to learn more about the area and meet people in the same situation. Isaac said “you girls can get together and watch Army Wives and cry.” Not QUITE sure that’s how it will happen, but whatever you want to think, baby.

I could not be more excited for what these next two years hold for Isaac and I. He is going to have so many incredible opportunities and I can’t wait to be right there with him! If he stays in good ranking in his class he may be selected to fly out to meet Warren Buffet to discuss his investing and business strategies. He will be going to China in his second year, and he will have a mentor who is a successful and established entrepreneur in Winston.

Side note…we also just signed a lease on a gorgeous town home and cannot WAIT to move in. Everything seems to be falling into place so perfectly, we are blessed!

Living Room

Why yes, there is a wine cooler! Looks like I need to learn to love drinking 🙂

Fireplace in the living room. Heaven.

2 thoughts on “A Red Carpet Weekend

  1. Oh my, just having ‘red carpet’ in the title is very intimidating! I love finding out that not everyone is what we stereotype them to be, especially in a situation where it seems inevitable that everyone WOULD be the gazillionaires we thought they’d be! I LOVE the comment about not being married–that is SO hilarious. If you’re not married then you can’t be in the 1/3 OR 2/3 percentage! bahaha! That’s awesome he’ll get to meet WB–he is an inspiration to me because he was rejected from Harvard’s business school when he applied, too! (a fun fact I heard from a Columbia alum :D) And the townhouse looks fabulous!

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