The Hilarity of Crying Babies

Today I discovered a tumblr blog called Reasons My Son is Crying. It is one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever seen and I can’t decide if it makes me want to have kids more (just so I can copycat his blog) or go get spayed immediately. If you don’t think kids crying is funny, you won’t enjoy that blog. If you think kids screaming over stupid things is hilarious, welcome to the club.


I immediately texted my sister and some friends with kids and told them that I was going to need them to start sending me kid crying pictures along with the tantrum explanations.

As I had predicted, it has been hilarious. This was my afternoon in a group text message:


I told him to come with me to check the mail


Trying to show him the right way to hold a popsicle


Because I’m going to the gym


No idea why. Because she’s a baby?
3 minutes later: never mind. It’s the pound of poop in her diaper.


Because I won’t give him chocolate milk (look at that finger in her face HAHA!)


Because I’m at work (adults deserve to cry, too)


Because I’m hungry but can’t eat because I’m helping everyone else eat


Because Dave won’t let me eat all the cookies tonight


Just went grocery shopping with full on tantrums and now have to make dinner with the kid crying in the background.

I think this is my new favorite thing, granted I’m not the one with the screaming kids 😀

You moms out there, tell me this, it’s GOT to make it a little easier to deal with if you can snap a photo and text it to your friends, right?? I think any situation can be made better if you can find the hilarity in it, so give it a try. See if it takes the edge off.

12 thoughts on “The Hilarity of Crying Babies

  1. GREAT Blog Courtney!! I also loved the adult pictures! 🙂 At lunch today Charlotte and I had a long talk about tantrums and crying. Only one of you four really had severe issues with that level of displeasure/crying (not saying who — LOL). Anyway, I wish WORDPRESS would allow us to post a picture because I have a wonderful crying picture of Liam in a VT shirt — I’ll send it to you. Love you, Dad

  2. Wait. Wait. Kids cry for things like that?! I’m never having kids! EVER!
    I do however hope to have many (many many) nieces and nephews. I’ll blog about it as I watch their parents suffer 😀

    • I know, such trivial things to shed tears over! Wait till they get older, then they’ll really have things to cry about! I only have 3 nieces/nephews and they are THE BEST. Isn’t it so fun being an aunt?! I’d love to read about the suffering of the parents, lol.

  3. Haha…that was great! The fact that you included the adult photos was brilliant!

    By the way … I went to that tumbler site…omg there was one where the child was crying with the caption: Because I didn’t give him a sip of whiskey Hahaha

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Nothing like a good crying baby picture 🙂

      LOL to the whiskey picture. Aren’t they just hysterical? I think it gets funnier the more you read them. I loved the one of him crying outside without shoes on “took his shoes and socks off and now crying because his feet are cold”

  4. An Aussie site dedicated to all things kid, which often ran photo comps, decided to run a comp of cutest/funniest crying kid pic. Well, my word. A small but very vocal minority immediately raised an uproar that it was promoting child abuse and neglect through encouraging parents to provoke their kids into tantrums in order to get a good shot. It was a heated argument, let me tell you. I of course giggled from the sidelines as the pics came pouring in. Love your adult pics by the way…there’s an idea for a whole new blog concept right there !

    • Wow, I can definitely see that happening. I swear some people troll the internet just looking to stir up conflict somewhere. It’s funny you mention that, because before publishing this post I thought for a minute “I wonder if this will piss anyone off, thinking it’s mean to post pics of kids crying?” I obviously decided it doesn’t matter if it makes people angry because the mom’s of the kids crying are some of the best mother’s I know!

      With how much toddlers/babies cry about silly things, it is NOT child abuse to snap a quick picture. Heck, I would love to see pics if my mom had taken a bunch of me crying as a kid 🙂

      Did the Aussie site end up staying up or did the haters win and it get taken down?

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