Little Conversations (My Creepy Ballad)

Me: I’m so tired, I’ve been sleep walking every single night. I keep waking up in my bathroom or just wandering around my room. 

Isaac: I know, I’ve heard you talking and running around a lot. Last night I heard singing coming from your room so I peeked in and you were laying there sound asleep, not making a sound. Do you have any idea how scary it is to hear a woman creepily singing and then wonder if maybe it wasn’t coming from you, but from downstairs or something??


14 thoughts on “Little Conversations (My Creepy Ballad)

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  2. We had a robbery at my neighbour’s place one stormy night this summer when I was home and the robbers used my lawn chair for it. I was alone at home and so decided to ask my young cousin to sleep over. He loves football and talks in his sleep and I made him sleep in my parent’s room with the connecting door open. So that night after I spent a few hours listening to every twig snap and creaks and sigh’s around and outside my house I finally was tired enough to sleep. The moment I was in the zone of deep sleep my cousin screams “GOAL” at the top of his lungs. To say my heart leapt straight out my throat is not far from the truth at all 🙂

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed 🙂

      • Yeah, it might creep me out too if I witnessed that! LOL.

        I don’t walk in my sleep but I do talk … and I used to have night terrors after a traumatic experience which were REALLY scary to the person witnessing them! I would just start screaming “no, no, no no no no!” and like, physically fighting someone off me! All while sleeping.

        Do you ever take any medication to sleep? If so, does it help?

      • Wow, that’s scary! Have you always had vivid dreams? I have for as long as I can remember!

        I usually remember the content of my nightmares but not the night terrors, which thankfully have only occurred a few times. It’s a very strange feeling after!

      • I have no clue why this posted using my name, rather than my blog name! Must be because I’m using the mobile version. Sorry!

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