Why Gluten-Free Is For Me

Today marks the 127th day (4 months) that I have been gluten-free. I have cheated a few times, giving in to Mellow Mushroom pizza twice and Wheat Thins a few other times, but overall have been really careful about not ingesting it. The funny part is, I wasn’t completely on board with the whole gluten free thing. I figured I would try it out for a few weeks, not notice any changes, and plunge right back into my gluten-infused lifestyle.  It’s not like I am suffering from Celiac Disease, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start eating it again when I got sick of watching my diet so closely.

Instead of being annoyed with and tired of a gluten-free lifestyle, I am completely loving it! Who would have thought? I already have to watch my diet so closely because of my severe food allergies (eggs, nuts, seafood) so I thought adding gluten to the list of “no no foods” was going to be a complete pain. As it turns out, it’s been really easy. I already don’t eat out much, except Chipotle and Qdoba, so eating gluten-free at home is a piece of cake (gluten-free cake of course)! 🙂 I have been eating a ton of vegetables, crockpot chicken, fruits, and greek yogurt. And chocolate, lots of chocolate. 

A weird discovery that I have made about living gluten-free is what occurs the day after I cheat and do eat it. Waking up in the morning is physically painful, it almost feels like I have been in a car accident. Every muscle and joint in my body hurts from my head to my toes and the stiffness/pain lasts all day day. The first time I experienced this I thought it may have been a coincidence, but I have tested it several times now and it happens every single time. 

As far as my eczema improvement? I think it has helped some. I stopped eating corn and all corn products a few months ago though and I think that has really helped my skin’s condition. For someone who likes to binge eat, stopping corn and gluten products is probably the best thing I could have done. I can drill a box of Wheat Thins or an entire bag of corn chips in one sitting. Now? I’m not even tempted. That’s the amazing thing about quitting gluten, eventually you stop craving it and it doesn’t even look appetizing!

I never thought I would be an endorser of a gluten-free lifestyle unless you have to for medical reasons, but the complete truth? I am really loving it. It forces you to think about what you are eating, and only eat whole foods. Now instead of a sandwich stuffed with processed deli meat for lunch I will eat a salad topped with shredded rotisserie chicken. Instead of a box of Wheat Thins I’ll eat a bag of baby carrots  It makes me healthier and my mood/energy have improved. 

Here is the most amazing gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe ever! Even if you are not gluten-free, I highly recommend it. They are a lot better for you than the regular ones, and are packed full of protein!

6 thoughts on “Why Gluten-Free Is For Me

  1. I’m so glad I’ve found this blog!

    For the last 3/4 months I’ve had a rash/spots on my face, they are itchy sometimes not all. I look like a spot filled teen again!

    My doctors were convinced it was an allergy I had steroid cream and oral steroids didn’t really do anything.

    I’ve finally got some bloods back and they’re showing a category including wheat. Dairy egg whites as being high!

    I’m convinced it’s wheat and or dairy as in a morning I feel bloated for hours after only having cereals, toast or yogurt.

    I’m going to try going wheat and dairy free to see if this helps!

    Any advice you can offer I’m extremely grateful for!

    Sorry I know this is a very old blog!!

    Megan x

    • Hey Megan! Glad this was helpful. Since this post, I’ve found other things that are definitely helpful with the skin issues. Have you heard of the Autoimmune Paleo diet? I do it when my skin is in a flare and within a few days, my skin is calmer and happier. Would be happy to chat more if you want 🙂

  2. Good for you! My friend is gluten free (though she eats corn) and she’s just radiant since she switched. I am not at all gluten free, but I do find when I eat less bread, I feel better. To each her own though – so long as you feel good, it’s all good!

  3. I binge eat too, and cutting out gluten products has seriously halted that! haha. Part of it is there’s just not as much to binge on, and the other thing is that I’m just not as hungry anymore!

    • Hah! Interestingly enough, a reduced appetite is not something I have experienced with going gluten-free. I am still hungry ALL the time! I guess I have trained myself to be that way since I eat every two hours. Oh well! As long as it’s healthy food I guess 🙂

      But yes, not having the binge food products in the house has been really helpful!

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