5 Days Gluten and Steroid Free

My quest for both clear and steroid free skin has never been successful. In the life of an eczema sufferer, these two are contradictions. As you may have read in an earlier post, I decided to go gluten free as a desperate measure to heal my scarred and hurting skin. 

I took a picture of my swollen and rash covered face 6 days ago, before quitting both topical steroids and gluten. It is not pretty, but I am not ashamed to show it! Eczema is not pretty. It is one of the most frustrating, depressing, and thought consuming diseases. It is filled with stares from strangers, worried looks from friends, “what’s wrong with your face?” questions, and pain. 

5 days of a gluten-free diet and no steroids: 

In this picture I am wearing absolutely no makeup except eyeliner. 5 days ago, my eyes were so swollen and itchy that the thought of eyeliner made me want to scream. I am excited to continue my gluten free diet, and to continue finding other ways of maintaining my skin!

I was talking to my boss at work last night about the “gluten free fad” and he told me about several people he knows who have seen incredible results, even those who are not celiac positive. He spoke of one woman, a regular at the restaurant, who was always overweight and had a horrible complexion. A month into her gluten free diet she had dropped a significant amount weight and her always splotchy skin was beautiful. I can’t wait to see the progress in the next few months if 5 days has already helped so much. I mean, if Miley Cyrus endorses a gluten free lifestyle it HAS to hold some value, right?? 😉


20 thoughts on “5 Days Gluten and Steroid Free

    • I have definitely heard of the rash associated with gluten, so that’s why I though stopping may help. Turns out in the long run, it didn’t. I still don’t eat a ton of gluten as it seems to make me feel better all around, but my rashes don’t seem to be associated with it. My derm thinks it’s perioral dermatitis (a form of rosacea apparently), very hard to get rid of! 😦 I wish my skin had reacted like my sister’s did, once she stopped eating gluten it all cleared up! Thanks for the info!

      • Dealing with similar rash, was just something I “dealt” with for years, was given some rx cream one didn’t help, have places on scalp too, a medicated mousse didn’t help…never ever thought of it being connected to gluten until I saw it mentioned on tv…in the process of blood work and getting an appt with derm.

        • Hmmm well maybe I’ll look into get a test done. I had one done for celiac when I was 13 or 14 years old and it came back negative, but maybe should get it redone. So has yours completely cleared up now?

          • No, I haven’t gone off gluten as you need to be on it for testing to be accurate, it’s only been a month since I suspected it, saw a GI for bloodwork, trying to get an appt with a derm, I have spots that heal and before they heal completely I have 2-3 new spots appear.

          • I have been meaning to come back and update you, I saw a dermatologist and she said my issue was fluoride, I thought what? I don’t get toothpaste all over my face when I brush my teeth, but she said no it’s not from getting it on skin but from internal. So I started using fluoride free toothpaste, and wow what a difference, I still get some spots but no where near the the amount I had before, and it makes sense some of my big flares would come after getting teeth cleaned and fluoride treatment.

  1. Wow, you have given me hope. I’ve been struggling with eczema on my face for years and I just started thinking it could be gluten. I’m going to try the gluten free diet

    • I hope it helps for you!!! To be honest after it got A LOT better, it did slowly get worse again. I eat gluten only about twice a week now though just because I think it truly does keep my skin overall happier. Definitely go 100% gluten free for at least 3 months though to see if it helps. My sister has very severe eczema and when she is off gluten, it’s like she doesn’t even have eczema at all. It’s incredible! Good luck to you, tr face eczema is soooo frustrating. I can’t remember the last time I was without it 😦

  2. I know this post is old but I’m looking at your blog in all the posts I have missed. I second what the other commenters said – you are beautiful! Even in the first picture, the first thing I notice is YOU! Not your eczema.

    At my worst a few months ago, I had a rash over almost my entire face and much of my neck. Even with concealer it looked terrible. When I met people, they would visibly kind of flinch or give me a weird look. Eczema is the WORST especially when everyone can see it, so I can completely 100% identify with you.

    I commend your bravery on being willing to post pics! And I am amazed at the transformation of 5 days with no gluten. I am definitely going to try gluten free since it worked so well for you!

    • You are so, so sweet. Thank you for your kind words!! It’s funny how you can feel pretty one day, then you wake up with an eczema filled face and feel like a MONSTER! You’re exactly right, you can see people staring and wincing at your skin, it really sucks!

      What I try to think every time I’m in a bad flare though is that at least my issue will pass. Some people have horrible facial/body deformities that are stuck with them for life. They have to find ways to feel beautiful and be confident because their situation WON’T change. I find a lot of strength in that!

      And yeah I’m still gluten free, but am still struggling quite a bit with eczema. It’s definitely not as bad as the first pictures, but it’s not completely under control. My little sister went gluten free and she basically has no eczema anymore!! She used to have it just like I do. So it’s definitely worth trying!

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  4. Ugh. I can definitely relate to the “what’s wrong with your face” comments. It’s the worst – to have to go out in public knowing people will not only stare but also make comments! I’m glad going gluten-free helped your eczema! You’re beautiful.

  5. Oh, wow, Courtney! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! I wonder if it would also work for psoriasis? And you are gorgeous no matter what, Miss Big Blue Eyes. 🙂

  6. Wow Court.. it looks great. Has the itching stopped too? So happy for you 🙂 I’ve cut a lot of gluten out of my diet and cut out all the gmo it really has helped my gut and my autoimmune stuff. Wish you much continued success!

    • hahah yes!! I don’t know it’s weird, I’ve only heard people saying how much it has helped them in so many ways. Time will tell, as far as long term affects go!

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