One Year of Blogging

Well, I meant to post this on February 26th because that was my one year blogging anniversary, but this past weekend was jam packed with schoolwork and catching up on sleep.

It has been one year since I made my first post, I Think You’re Awesome. In one year I have written 126 posts (10 of which are sleepwalking related), picked up 35 followers (thanks guys!), and received 484 comments. It feels really good to have stuck with something for 365 days. True, I haven’t made a post every day, but I have tried to be somewhat consistent. I never pictured myself as somebody who would have a blog. In fact, I’m pretty sure I (gently) made fun of people with blogs…before I had one. Now I see why people have them. It is for yourself, not other people. Sure, some people may get a kick out of my stories or enjoy my photographs, but what matters is what I get out of it. And that happens to be quite a bit.

Today I spent some time reading through my old writings. I realized that through writing I have learned a lot about myself, as well as my friends and family. I have also learned that I, use, far, too, many, commas. I’m desperately trying to get better about that.

Words and feelings sometimes get scrambled in my head and I find them hard to vocalize. Writing has been an outlet for me, it puts things into perspective.

When I think about events like my nephew being born or my 2011 engagement, sure I remember being incredibly happy, but not specific emotions I was experiencing. I am so thankful that I was a “blogger” during those milestones in my life because it is so wonderful to go back and read how I was feeling at that exact moment. I didn’t even remember writing some of the posts, and the events themselves had completely slipped my mind. I think it will be fun to go back in several years and read about random happenings in my little life.

Then there were the posts that were pure therapy for me to write. I was not trying to entertain an audience with them or even use correct punctuation/grammar, I was just trying to heal my heart through words. Trying to make sense of life.I didn’t always find the answers I was looking for, but I did always get a good nights sleep after writing out my feelings. That is worth something.

Regardless of whether my writings are happy, sad, photographs, or just pure rants, I am thankful that I took the time to sit down and spill my brain onto paper (the computer). I will forever have a journal to reference to help me remember how far I’ve come, and where I am headed.

Here are some (okay, a lot) of the posts that meant the most to me in the past year!

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