I Don’t Care What You Eat or Why You’re Eating It

My Facebook news feed has been completely overrun by the name “Chick-fil-A.” Today has officially become known as “Chik-fil-A-Day” and this has only added to the diarrhea of the mouth (or keyboard) that people seem to be spewing all over the internet, and my precious news feed. I have seen some people post multiple paragraphs about why they are choosing (or not choosing) to eat at Chic-fil-A today. C’mon people, can’t we just get back to posting cat pictures and dancing chihuahua videos?

In the past year, I feel like people are more willing than ever to jump onto a bandwagon of some sort. Yeah, one of the higher-up’s at a Christian fast food chain publicly denounced gay marriage, so what? If you don’t like the company’s stance on gay marriage, then don’t eat there. If you do support them, then continue to eat there. If you don’t particularly love the company’s stance, but still appreciate their food and customer service, then continue to eat there. Why must we blow this into astronomical proportion and declare an entire day “Chick-fil-A-Day”? 

To me, it seems pointless for all of us to get our panties in a wad because of a company’s beliefs. This is ‘Merica, dangit! A private company can give its money and support to whoever it wants. If you don’t happen to agree with those morals, then don’t give them your money. There, is that so hard? Must we picket everything we dislike and boycott those who feel differently than us? Must we turn chicken sandwiches into symbols of righteousness? Apparently, yes. 

I don’t particularly love the statement that Dan Cathy made but I do love me some Chic-fil-A.  I love that we live in a free country where we can speak freely about what we believe in. I only wish that that same freedom of speech wouldn’t always turn into two groups of people bashing each others’ values. Maybe I’m just burnt out on political issues infiltrating every aspect of our lives, but I feel pretty strongly about my personal stance of “I don’t care what you eat or why you’re eating it.” 

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Care What You Eat or Why You’re Eating It

    • Hahaha DON’T YOU START!! Although in reality, I would eat Chipotle no matter what the CEO spewed to the media. It is one of my only options allergy wise and it’s soooooooo good. Someone once tried to convince me to not eat there because some of their produce is farmed by people not even making minimum wage. I almost ended our friendship. NOBODY tries to talk me out of Chipotle! 😀

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