Liam’s Dedication

Today my nephew Liam will be dedicated at my sister’s Church in Northern Virginia. I am not able to make the trip there, but I wanted to share the letter that Charlotte and her husband have written to Liam for the occasion. It is such a beautiful expression of a mother and father’s love for their child. Liam is a blessed little boy to have Charlotte & Alex as parents!

Dear Liam,

On October 9, 2010 our lives were changed forever. On this day we found out we were pregnant with you, and it was both the scariest and best news we have ever gotten. You were due to make your grand appearance on June 14, 2011, but you had other plans. You decided it was very comfortable inside your mother’s womb (even though it was one of the hottest Junes we had ever had), and by June 28th, the doctor’s decided they would help you come out. 22 long hours later, you were born on June 29th at 7:47am weighing 7.3 lbs and measuring 21 inches long. Everyone was so happy you had arrived, and it was at that moment that we felt a love that we had never experienced before, a love only a parent knows.

The Bible often talks about God’s love for us as his own children. I don’t think we could ever grasp what that meant until after having you. Even the thought of God giving up his own son to die on the cross for our sins has so much more meaning now. We never want to see you in any pain or have any suffering, and for God to love us so much that he allowed his son to die one of the worst imaginable deaths is a true testament of his unconditional love for us. It’s hard to fully comprehend how we, as flawed as we are, deserve the love of the Father or the blessings of a child. Yet despite our numerous shortcomings, everyday God showers us with an unrelenting deluge of grace and blessings. Know that amongst those blessings you are the one that shines brightest in your parents’ eyes. Every day you find new ways of bringing smiles to our faces, and warmth to our hearts. Every day, sometimes even in the smallest and most unassuming of ways, you constantly remind us of how truly incredible our Creator must be; precisely because he crafted something so absolute and inalienably precious as you.

Liam, you are our first born child and every day we thank God for allowing us the task of raising you. We will continue to pray for you each and every day.

We love you,

Mom and Dad

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