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  1. The only reason why you state that a human life is more important than an animal’s life is because you’re a human. If you were a dog or a monkey, you would value the life of a dog or monkey over a human. It’s called relativity. Don’t invalidate a life just because you can’t completely empathize with the loss of a different species. It’s easier to have empathy for the child and the mom because you can envision being a mom and having a human child, not a monkey, but that doesn’t unequivocate the loss. A life is a life.

    While I agree that mistakes happen, and that the zoo has its own share of responsibility, I’ve been to plenty of zoos, wildlife refuges, and aquariums, and I’ve never even come close to entering the animal’s habitat because my mom was holding my hand.

  2. Hello, I found your blog very appealing. The uniqueness in your [About] page made me interested in your blog. I also apreciate your opinions on the Cincinnati Zoo incident. I wrote a similar blog myself on the subject and thought you might also like it.

    -I posted my website below if you’re interested.

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