Multi-tasking Heaven

Ever since Verizon announced that they will be carrying the iphone in the near future, AT&T has started a new marketing campaign.

Talking and web-browsing at the same time. AT&T boasts that their iphone is the only one that can do this. Silly Verizon phones can only talk OR browse. psshh!

So this woman is either A. about to be hit by a bus because she is talking and web surfing simultaneously or B. Going to die of radiation poisoning in the near future because of her multi-tasking abilities and lifestyle. Yes, I see she is wearing a bluetooth, don’t care.

Am I the only one that is disturbed by all of these commercials and advertisements? As a society, are we that swallowed up in our technological devices that we MUST be on the internet looking at funny youtube videos and talking to our BFF at the same time? Don’t get me wrong, I love my smart phone. And I love youtube videos. But seeing that this is the type of advertising that appeals to the average American is hard to swallow.

I think that when we are so wrapped up in the social networking sites, text messages, and gossiping on the phone, we miss out on so many opportunities. See that guy on his bike in the background of the ad above? He could have been her dream man. Little Miss Efficient was too busy buying movie tickets and chatting with Susie Q to notice him smile at her. Later she’ll meet up with her friends and talk about how it’s so hard to meet people at this stage in life and all the good men are taken. Here’s an idea…get off the phone and pay attention to the world around you! Go hiking sans cell phone. Sit at a coffee shop and read instead of sitting in the corner, ear buds in, face glued to a computer screen.

On that note, I’m out of here to go for a drive in the beautiful country hills of North Carolina!


2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking Heaven

  1. Or maybe she’s got a super hot man already and she’s saving time by buying the tickets ahead of time so she can go get a massage before her date with her hot man.

    I’ve got to say, iPhones are sometimes a bit silly. I have a droid phone and have been able to make calls and browse at the same time since I first got it. Last year.

    Gotta run… date with my hot man!

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