The Most Precious Gift

The best thing my dad ever gave me was himself. While I had to share him with my three sisters, I still had all of him, all the time. Being emotionally available and present for your daughter, no matter the time of day or how busy you may be, is what truly makes a good…


Huffington Post Interview

Hi Friends! I am excited and honored to have been asked to do a LIVE webcam interview with the Huffington Post! We discussed overcoming anxiety, something I’m a little familiar with. :) Here is the link! Huff Post Live: Overcoming Anxiety  


Unusual Punishment

One of the things that scares me most about having children is the discipline you have to instill in them if you want them to be healthy, tolerable, functioning humans. I don’t mean discipline as in “will I spank my child or not?”, because if I have a kid anything like I was, the answer will be…


Killing the Binge Beast

Last month Isaac and I were driving home from the beach and because road trips = junk food binges without guilt or consequences (right? Isn’t that a rule?), we loaded up on snacks at a gas station. I don’t do anything in moderation, so I giddily stuffed a sack full of salt and vinegar chips…


There’s No Running From Allergies

Last night, Isaac and I arrived at the beautiful, serene Kiawah Island. In our backyard lives a giant alligator and from our front steps we can hear the ocean waves. The nature here is simply wonderful. It’s one of our favorite places to vacation, and a friend’s wedding here this weekend gave us another opportunity…


When A Date Turns Into Daycare

Talking about my worst first date in the last post has made me reminisce about all of the first dates I’ve been on. While none have been as memorable as the triple nipple debacle, another one does stand out in my mind quite loudly. It was 2007 and I was living in the Florida Keys,…


Worst First Date: The Triple Nipple

This morning on my drive to work, the radio station I was halfway listening to announced that they were sharing worst first date stories. I chuckled to myself as I painfully recalled my own worst first date story– it is a hard one to forget. The radio host requested stories from listeners and feeling impulsive on a…